Building a charcuterie board for your next house party? This all-in-one cheese knife is the perfect tool.

As an EDC and knife enthusiast myself, I have to say I haven’t really been giving cheese knives their time in the sun. To be brutally honest, I’ve been using my regular kitchen knife to cut cheese, dice veggies, apply peanut butter, and do pretty much everything a knife is required to do, and I’m made to understand that’s a cardinal sin, not incomparable to drinking fine wine out of a plastic cup. In order to remedy my ways (and because I’m a cheese enthusiast who doesn’t appreciate struggling with cheeses that are too hard, crumbly, or sticky), I decided to look for the perfect charcuterie knife, only to find out that there are separate knives for hard cheese, creamy cheeses, crumbly cheeses, and other charcuterie elements like meat, bread, grapes, olives, etc. That is, until I stumbled across the Revel, an ever-capable cheese knife designed by 36-year-old French gastronomist Jérémy Laubriat. The Revel looks nothing like any knife you’ve got in your kitchen – primarily because it’s designed to handle literally every element of a charcuterie board, from cheeses to tough meats, sourdough breads, and even the occasional acidic fruit to cut the cheesy richness.

Designer: Jérémy Laubriat

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The Revel knife primarily accomplishes four broad tasks with its four different blade styles. A smooth edge with a curved profile works well for slicing through soft cheeses like brie and camembert, while at the heel of the smooth edge is an axe-style wider blade, designed for cutting through hard cheese. Rotate the blade 360° and you’ve got a serrated edge that works wonderfully with fragile cheeses like fresh mozzarella or feta, or even for slicing bread. To pick up the cheeses as well as pieces of bread, meat, or fruits like olives, the knife comes a forked tip that’s great for piercing and lifting items.


Jrmy Laubriat



Cutouts in the blade work in a clever way by not only making it lighter…


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