Southern Cheese Grits – GypsyPlate

… the ultimate Southern side dish! This creamy and comforting delight is a staple in the south, and deserves a spot in every cook’s repertoire.

They go great with so many things, and can be enjoyed with any meal of the day. You can cook them up in no time with quick cook , or simmer stone ground grits low and slow for the ultimate treat.

Grits are also very forgiving. With a few simple tips, you’ll have them perfected every time…

I must admit, I’m fairly new to grits. My husband grew up on them, but it wasn’t until we met that I first came across this cornmeal porridge.

Instantly, I was hooked. Now we enjoy them for a cozy breakfast with some eggs, or as a side dish to a variety of main dishes. We’ve even made five different Shrimp and Grits variations for GypsyPlate, which we’ll tell you all about later.

But first, let’s get the basics down…

Southern Cheese Grits - GypsyPlate

  1. If you have time, use stone ground grits. Quick cook are still great, but aren’t as creamy.
  2. Keep stirring. Grits can have a tendency to clump up at the bottom of the pan, especially early on in the .
  3. Although you can cook them in just water, using half water and half milk makes them much creamier.
  4. Add salt, or better yet bouillion, before adding the grits. This really makes the flavor pop.
  5. Don’t be afraid to overcook them. Grits aren’t fussy like rice. If you want them softer, simply add more water, if necessary, and keep till they are to your liking.
  6. Likewise, if they get too thick, just add more water.

Cheese Grits are the ultimate Southern side dish. This creamy and comforting corn porridge is great with any meal of the day. - Southern Cheese Grits - GypsyPlate

  • Grits – We’re using stone ground today.
  • Water
  • Milk – You can also use half and half, or even heavy cream, for even richer grits.
  • We love chicken flavored Better Than .
  • Butter – You can’t have grits without it.
  • Sharp cheddar today. But just about any goes great in grits. Parmesan, blue, feta, and even American are some of our…


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