Parmesan cheese is not vegetarian and people are ‘disgusted’ | Twitter

A little-known fact about an extremely popular cheese has sparked controversy as people grapple with the new information.

Parmesan, also known as parmigiano-reggiano, was presumed to be vegetarian like the vast majority of cheeses.

However, parmesan is one of several cheeses made with animal rennet, which comes from the fourth lining of the stomach of ruminant animals, usually a young calf.

Vegetarian cheeses are made from churning milk.

The interesting fact has left many shocked after someone shared it on , prompting a flurry of outrage, reports.

“I was today years old when I found out Parmesan cheese is made from baby cow’s stomach and I could go cry,” a user said.

Many were disgusted at the revelation, with many admitting they had no idea it wasn’t a vegetarian-friendly option.

“Horrifying! Why are we eating baby anything as a species,” one said.

“Wow I had never heard that! Dairy is scary for real,” another agreed.

As someone else commented: “That’s really gross. I don’t want another cheese in my life.”

“I just can’t … I’m done,” agreed a fourth.

“I never knew either, that’s disgusting,” a horrified user posted.

However, hope is not lost for all the parmesan lovers out there, as according to animal welfare group PETA, many brands now use vegetable rennet instead.

They informed others that vegetarian and vegan cheese is available and encouraged them to try what’s new on the market.

Parmesan is beloved in its origin country of , and traditionally uses just three ingredients; milk, salt and rennet, Choice reports.

In , supermarkets offer the traditional, imported version from and a locally manufactured imitation.

Parmesan is a Protected Domination of Origin (PDO) cheese, meaning that it can’t carry the name without following strict procedure and testing in .

But those laws don’t extend to , which means Kraft can also call its grated cheese in the green canister…


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