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The original (and best) Cheese Advent Calendar from So Wrong It’s Nom by Ilchester is back by popular demand and is set to hit stores this November for the sixth year running, complete with a brand new, limited edition cheese voted for by the fromage-loving community.

In a twist for 2022, the award-winning Calendar now contains 24 individual sticks of incredibly high-quality, vintage cheese, encased in a recyclable compact box, in nine mouth-watering varieties from award-winning cheese specialists, Ilchester.

Since the original prototype, handmade by ‘Big Cheese’, Annem Hobson, the So Wrong It’s Nom community of cheese lovers have directly influenced which cheeses go into the Calendar, and how the product evolves.

Cheese Advent Calendar 2022 Lineup

This year’s scrumptious selection:

Ilchester Cheddar with Apple, Onion and Sage – A versatile and uniquely flavored British Cheddar, carefully blended for a well-rounded deliciously sweet Apple flavor, with scrumptious savory notes from the onion and aromatic sage. Pairs perfectly with turkey and cranberry sauce.

Applewood – A real English treasure, Applewood is made in the West Country from British cheddar and has a delicate smoky flavor and a lovely smooth texture, with a sprinkling of paprika for good measure.

Applewood Vintage PDO Aged for 12 months – This delicious cheese is made from traditional hand-turned British Farmhouse Cheddar. It has a delicate smoky flavor with an exquisitely smooth, rich creaminess that melts in the mouth. Creamy yellow in color, with a sprinkling of paprika.

Ilchester Mature Cheddar – Ilchester’s Cheddar is made in the West Country, close to where Cheddar originated in the Mendip Hills. Take a bite and let the creaminess melt into your mouth, with its earthy tangy notes.

Ilchester Vintage PDO Cheddar – Carefully matured, this cheddar is made in the West Country near the Mendip Hills. With a drier texture to standard cheddar due…


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