Cheetos Made A Tool That Let’s You Cover Anything In Cheese Dust—Get Your Hands On It, Here

A New Kitchen Gadget Turns Cheetos Into ‘Dust’Cheetos

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It’s safe to say that Cheetos dust, also known as “Cheetle,” has found a legitimate place in many recipes. While sprinkling Cheetle over a dish can make it pop, creating Cheetos dust isn’t always so easy. Fortunately, with this new Cheetos duster, you can ditch your mallet, cheese grater, or any other Cheetle tool you’ve been using.

Available on Amazon, the Cheetos duster can turn any Cheetos snack into savory dust. To use the gadget, fill the glass jar with the Cheetos snack of your choice. You’ll then need to screw the jar onto the base, hold the duster at an angle, and press the power button to start blending. It’s recommended that you also shake the duster while blending for the best results.

A landing page for the nifty gadget includes plenty of recipes in case you need a little inspiration. One treat that’s sure to be a go-to for holiday entertaining is the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Donuts. The sweet-and-savory treat calls for Cheetos Flamin’ Hot dust, plain donuts, butter, vanilla extract, bittersweet chocolate, and corn syrup.


The Cheetos duster also serves as a fun addition to your kitchen given its bright orange base and a glass jar that comes spotted with Cheetle fingerprints. To purchase the gadget, you can sign up for alerts via the website. Once the Cheetos Duster becomes available for purchase, you’ll only be able to get your hands on one for a limited time.

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