What Makes French Cantal Cheese Unique?

The saying may go that age is only a number, but it plays an important role in the flavor of Cantal cheese. Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club describes the young version of this product as mild in taste. However, as it ages, it loses some of its buttery flavor and becomes more sharp. This is why Cantal and cheddar are often seen as appropriate replacements for each other in recipes, per The Connexion, but the process of making the two cheeses vary greatly. Additionally, Cantal’s color changes over time. Throughout the young “jeune,” medium “entre-deux,” and old “vieux” phases, the cheese transforms from white to butter-like yellow (via Cook’s Info).

Cantal’s unique flavor profile allows it to be used in different ways, from sandwiches to desserts. So, grab a board and a knife and slice off a piece of this special cheese to savor.


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