Waffle House Worker Shows How the ‘Cheese Eggs’ Are Made

Restaurant secrets have taken over TikTok, with employees from places like Papa John’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and more sharing the tricks of the trade to audiences of millions.

One restaurant where this trend is especially apparent is Waffle House. Employees from across the country have posted insight from the restaurant to the platform, ranging from how Waffle House cooks properly flip their eggs to how their famous hash browns are prepared.

Now, another Waffle House recipe has been shared, quickly going viral in the process.

In a video with over 1.7 million views, TikTok user Mel (@spanishflymel) shows how the restaurant prepares its beloved “cheese eggs.”

@spanishflymel How to make waffles house cheese eggs #BetheReasonVisa #viral #3rdshiftlife #wafflehouse #IntuitTouchdownDance #fayetteville #tiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Only1mell

According to Mel, the recipe involves mixing two eggs with a spoon and dropping them into a hot pan with shortening. The eggs then cook covered while two slices of American cheese are heated in a cast iron pan. After the eggs have come together, but not cooked all the way, the eggs are moved into the cast iron pan, where they are mixed with the cheese.

“Put it on a plate, and viola, you’ve got some Waffle House Cheese Eggs!” Mel concludes.

Waffle House previously shared a basic version of this recipe on its website. However, users on TikTok were still excited by the idea of using Mel’s video to make Cheese Eggs of their own.

“So THATS why they taste like that because of the shortening! They good,” wrote one user.

“l literally watched them make my eggs this way and been doing it ever since,” offered another.

“Yess people dont know about finishing the cooking of eggs of the stove,” stated a third. “The pan already hot enough.”

“I’ve been tryna recreate these eggs ever since i moved out of tx/the states. God bless this tutorial,” shared a…


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