Viral ‘Cheese Tax’ Song Inspires Kraft Singles to Release Special New Product

Here’s how you can get a limited-edition Kraft Singles Tax Pack!

It was something that a lot of us pet owners did mindlessly. We were preparing something that contained delicious and like a moth to a flame. And our beloved fur babies would zoom on into the kitchen demanding their ‘ tax’ when we opened the refrigerator drawer. The only thing that changed is thanks to the delightful account @Puppysongs, we now had a theme song to go along with this cheesy ritual. “You gotta pay the cheese tax every time you’re cookin’ when the cheese comes out this puppy comes lookin’.” It’s a total bop! We can’t get enough of it!

Well, someone else who can’t get enough of it are the fine folks at   because they have released a limited time offer of a Cheese Tax Pack, and SHUT UP AND WHERE DO WE SIGN UP?

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The description reads “We heard your dogs are demanding a “Cheese Tax.” Stay tuned for how you can get your hands on this limited-edition Cheese Tax Pack to pay the pup. If you don’t there’ll be trouble (and by trouble we mean sad hound dog eyes staring at you while you eat your grilled cheese).”

As the go-to in American Cheese, Kraft Singles is releasing a limited-edition Cheese Tax Pack for you and your pups, and is giving away packs for free to lucky winners to celebrate the viral song that is sweeping the nation.

In the popular TikTok videos, dog owners get in on the universal joke that whenever they take out a piece of cheese in front of their pup – they must pay the “cheese tax” aka the unspoken rule that being a good fur parent means giving your pet cheese.

The melty, irresistibly delicious cheese is ’s secret ingredient and plays a huge role in the kitchens of anyone who loves cheese, especially dog owners who pay the “cheese tax” on a daily basis.

Fans can to find out more in the coming days on how they can get their hands on the…


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