Bega’s new plant-based dairy free vegan cheddar cheese range launched in Coles

’s new plant-based cheddar range dubbed ‘the best yet’ by vegans – but others slam the packaging for one reason

  • has released a plant-based range
  • It includes sliced and shaved cheddar  

has launched its first ever plant-based cheddar cheese – but the landmark product has caused a divide among shoppers.

The cheese hit supermarket shelves on Wednesday and by Thursday people were already claiming it as ‘the best on the market’.

But the news of the vegan-friendly cheese made others furious with many arguing it will make their trip to the dairy aisle ‘even more confusing’.

‘It’s not cheese, call it something else if it isn’t dairy,’ one man complained after seeing the sliced and shredded range in store.

Bega’s new dairy-free Cheddar cheese is part of the company’s plan to make their products more accessible to people who follow a plant-based diet.

Bega have launched a plant-based cheddar cheese option – launching into ever-popular dairy-free cheese market 

, the General Manager Marketing at Bega Foods, said the company’s expertise in the cheese-making business place them in the best possible position to make an appealing substitute.

‘Bega’s Plant Based Cheese range has undergone sensory testing to create a smooth, creamy, that delivers on texture and taste,’ added the brand’s marketing manager, .

And it appears shoppers agree.


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‘Just had my first piece. It’s definitely brought something new to the market with texture, meltability and a fruity/nutty/tangy complexity of flavour that the others don’t really have (the others seem very cream/fat-forward in flavour),’ one vegan shopper said.

‘I think it’s my new favourite,’ they added.

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