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Oh this recipe is going down and I promise you it’s the best Mac and I’ve ever made hands down. I’ll include the ingredients in the description box below.
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Barilla Penne Pasta
My Golden Chick Seasoning
Vegan butter
Tapioca Starch
AP Flour
Vitalite Mozzarella and Cheddar
Chobani Oat Milk
Tomato Paste
Nutritional yeast
Field roast chipotle sausage
Beyond meat spicy sausage
Vegan Worcestershire
Tabasco hot sauce
Mahmazing Cajun Seasoning
Red & Green Bell Pepper
Vegan chicken bouillon
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Smoke Paprika

They eat it up like say what it’s vegan so yeah 
guys it’s your girl and welcome back   To my channel say what is vegan this is a special 
episode Another in the meantime in between times   Until we start filming all my regular episodes but 
today I have something super special for you all I   Know mac and have you all in a Chokehold 
I truly do not understand it so today I’m gonna   Put two recipes into one we’re gonna make a 
jambalaya mac and yes I said a jambalaya   Mac and that’s completely vegan so let’s 
go ahead and get started so to get started with   This recipe I have some oil some olive oil to be 
exactly and heated in the pan now don’t let your   Pan get this hot this is not normal okay guys 
this is not normal um but you want to put some   Oil in a pan and you’re gonna go ahead and add 
in your vegan meat substitutes so I’m using two   Kinds of vegan sausages I am using the fill Rose 
spicy Mexican Chipotle and I’m using the Beyond   Sausage the hot Italian now I like using both 
of those when anytime I’m making like a Cajun   Recipe because both of those flavors together is 
absolutely delicious this video is not sponsored   I just actually care about how good you all cook 
because sometimes y’all know those recipes come   Out on the internet and y’all do mmm good and 
you know it ain’t right so I want to make sure   That y’all using the best product to make sure 
you have the best recipes okay so I’m gonna take   Some Worcestershire sauce and make sure that 
it’s vegan Golden Chick seasoning if you don’t   Have my Golden Chick make sure you go to Chef to get you some it is absolutely   Delicious and it’s usually used for like chickeny 
recipes but it has a lot of herbs in it and since   We are doing a jambalaya mac and cheese we want 
to make sure we get all those different herbs in   There so I’m going to go ahead and actually 
sprinkle some of this good old seasoning   So we’re gonna remove our meat 
substitutes from the pan and you   Can leave some of those oil drippers 
in there because it’s more flavor okay   If you ain’t looking for flavor this recipe is not 
for you all right I don’t want to hear nothing in   My time oh Chef that’s too much seasoning listen 
it ain’t never too much seasoning all right   So I’m going ahead and scoop that out all right so 
I’m gonna add a little bit more oil to the pan and   Then I’m going to go ahead and saute my veggies 
and I’m just going to do a really quick saute on   These this is just some bell pepper green and red 
with some onion and garlic so I’m gonna give this   A quick little saute we have our veggies out of 
the pan we’re getting ready to get to some of you   All’s favorite part and that is making the mac and 
cheese and we’re going to start off with making   Our room we’re going to use add my vegan butter 
and yes I use a lot of vegan butter the more   Butter the better then we’re going to go ahead 
and add in some tapioca starch or tapioca flour   Next I’m going to go ahead and add in some 
all-purpose flour now if y’all have my cookbook   It’s so amazing you can actually use that recipe 
to go ahead and make the roux base for this mac   And cheese now y’all know it’s time for Elena The 
Whisper come out like if y’all still clowning me  

On this y’all can’t cause y’all know this right 
here is what this is the secret to me having the   Best Mac and Cheese because my whisks look like 
this this thing has been rocking with me forever   Okay so don’t ever come for my whisk all right 
because I know some of y’all like to but with   Elena the whiska be doing the thing all right 
now we’re gonna go ahead and start adding our   Seasonings to this mac and cheese so first we’re 
gonna go ahead and use my amazing Cajun seasoning   If you do not know honey you have not been to 
The Nest chef we’re going to   Use this amazing Cajun seasoning we’re gonna add 
it to it so when you think of them amazing Cajun   It replaces anything like you know Tony stack 
trees and like Old Bay I don’t need nothing   Can truly replace them but this can okay I can 
so we’re gonna go ahead and add that to our pot   Then next we’re gonna go ahead and add a little 
bit of Tabasco sauce then we’re going to add a   Little bit of Worcestershire vegan Worcestershire 
for those like we should say a sausage is a vegan   I forget to have to explain that like every video 
especially in the comments because somebody wants   To be smart they be real not smart in there 
all right next I’m going to go ahead and add   Some Dijon mustard and that looked like that was 
enough and add in a little bit of salt and yes   My Cajun seasoning does have salt in it but 
I just like to add kosher salt to the recipe   Anyways because it helps bring out that flavor 
and now we’re going to go ahead and add some black   Pepper I’m very heavy-handed with black pepper 
and mac and cheese it’s just something I think   That absolutely needs to go and it has to go Okay 
add in our a little bit of Marsala    Yes now this is something y’all probably have not 
seen me do but for this recipe it is absolutely   Delicious like even if we do like a vegan lobster 
mac and cheese use a masala or a sherry and   I promise you it’s going to elevate your recipe 
about 10 levels so for extra creaminess we’re   Going to add in some vegan sour cream now if you 
don’t have vegan sour cream you can use vegan   Cream cheese and if you don’t have neither go to 
the stove don’t skip it okay you thought I was   Gonna say go without take a tail to the stove now 
we’re gonna use vegan’s favorite ingredient that   They don’t know use and that is nutritional 
yeast so we’re going to add a little bit that was   Such that was so much shade we’re gonna add a 
little bit of nutritional yeast to it not too   Much that may look like a lot but it’s really not 
you don’t ever want to use too much nutritional   Yeast I find that still happening a lot and I’m 
going to say that on every video I pretty much   Be using nutritional yeast in because too much 
ruins the recipe okay I don’t know what it is that   People do or why they do it but please stop doing 
that all right next we’re going to add a little   Bit of sugar we don’t want sweet mac and cheese 
all right and now we’re going to add in a little   Bit of garlic powder now this is technically 
optional I should have tasted it before I did   It but my ancestors told me to go ahead and add 
the garlic powder so I’m going to do that and I’m   Going to go ahead and add the onion powder while 
I’m it at this point I want to taste the sauce for  

My Mac and Cheese even though it’s not completely 
done I want to make sure that the base is perfect   Before I start adding the extra ingredients 
in it to make it a jambalaya mac and cheese I need more salt hold on uh no ma’am we’re 
gonna have some more sauce it is hold on Just a little bit all right y’all so I’m adding a 
little bit more salt to it because it definitely   Needed some more but I still need to be conscious 
because I’m still adding My Vegan meat substitute   Which has been heavily seasoned and my veggies 
so I don’t want to do too much sauce all right   But that needed some salt I was like where’s 
the salt the season is fire but I could not   Find a salt at all all right so the next thing 
we’re going to go ahead and do is add in our   Vegan cheese now today I am using vitalite 
cheese boom boom you see that you see that   I’ve never used this brand before but I’m going 
to use it today so y’all let’s pray that this   Is going to be absolutely amazing I did taste it 
without it being cooked and it was delicious so   I have a lot of faith in this okay so we’re 
gonna go ahead and add in our vegan cheese   And this is the vegan cheddar that I’m adding to 
it for vitalite and because this is a jambalaya   Pasta we’re going to go ahead and add a 
little bit of tomato paste now listen y’all   Before anybody come for me don’t you dare ever 
in your regular life put Tomatoes or tomato   Paste in your Mac and Cheese I am literally only 
doing this because I am making a jambalaya pasta   Mac and cheese all right and I added pasta in 
there because if I just said what I said but   Do not use tomatoes in your Mac and Cheese the 
day after never only if you’re making a recipe   Like this okay we got it we got it okay cool 
I’m gonna add in our vegan meat substitute Next we’re gonna go ahead and 
add in our veggies all right   So I’m gonna go ahead and use some vegan chicken 
Booyah I am using a better than bouillon and yes   It says vegetarian but it is completely 100 vegan 
and you can use whatever type of bouillon you   Want you can use a vegetable bouillon but if you 
have a vegan chicken bouillon go ahead and use   That okay well this is nice and thick and creamy 
and gooey in UWI y’all don’t take it there don’t   Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t get your mind 
out the gutter get your mind out the gutter   All right so I got my baking dish and we’re 
gonna go ahead and spray it with some Pam   And y’all listen we’re not about to have the Pam 
fighters in here use whatever nonstick spray you   Choose to use okay you can do that next I’m 
going to go ahead and add in my penne pasta   Most Boxed Pasta guys is already vegan um when 
you look at the ingredients you’ll see like uh   Semolina during wheat flour you’ll see things 
like that a lot of them don’t have eggs in it   But some of them do but you so you still want to 
always read your labels now if you choose to use   Chickpea pasta and lentil pasta and all that 
type of stuff you can do what you want to do   I’m using it but you can use whatever it is that 
you want to use whenever you cook your pasta you   Want to make sure you cook it in a lot of flavor 
you can use my Golden Chick seasoning or just  

A heavy sauce but whatever you do you never 
want to cook your pasta in just plain water   So we’re gonna go ahead and add in our sauce 
so we’re gonna pour our jambalaya cheese sauce Gonna be amazing like the flavors are 
already there so the texture is about   To be on point and this is flooded 
add our vegan mozzarella [Applause]   You know we’re gonna use this whole thing How about this let’s just pour a whole bag 
on here all right so we’re gonna go ahead   And spread out our vegan mozzarella and we’re 
gonna top that off because cheese need love too   We need some of that seasoning love so I have 
my oven preheated to 425 I’m going to go ahead   And cover this actually sprayed it with Pam 
because I didn’t want any of this cheese to   Bubble Up and stick to the pan so I’m going to 
put it in the oven on 425 for about 35 minutes   Until I see my cheese start to melt because 
vegan cheese does milk TS Madison it does melt   So we’re going to make sure that melts and then 
we’re going to take it off for the last 15 minutes   So it can Brown up and get a nice golden color 
so we’ll be back wow that thing is bubbling it is   Breaking it down all the way down I’m gonna have 
to let this cool for about 15 minutes before I   Dig into this usually I can do the not today not 
on this so I’ll be trying this out in about 10   To 15 minutes and let y’all know exactly what 
I think about my new jambalaya mac and cheese   All right it’s time to dig in look I can’t 
even wait the full 15 minutes I’m ready to go   Scoop into this scoopity dude Scooby-Doo like the 
longer you let it sit oh look at that look at that   The longer you let it sit the thicker it get 
the more it can gel together but this right here   Oh baby yes oh my God oh my God yes 
oh look at oh my gosh it smells like   Everything everything let’s go ahead and 
try it oh my gosh look at this cheese sauce   It’s a sausage make sure I get a little piece 
of chicken in there look at a little bell pepper Still blowing the thing is hot it’s real hot Um Period Can’t nobody tell me nothing you can’t 
tell me that this ain’t gonna be the   Best Mac and Cheese you ever had vegan 
or not you’re going to love this baby   Yes rightfully so they called me the queen of 
vegan mac and cheese baby because I am and is   Will always be like who thinks to do this Joya 
and it’s perfect yo I cannot wait for you all   To try this out hold on because I’m gonna 
say the end of this video but I gotta get   Another bite because this is delicious this will 
make no sense I cannot wait for you all to try   This recipe out it is going to blow your mind if 
you’re not already subscribed to my channel what   Is you doing make sure you hit that subscribe 
button below like and share with someone who   Would love this and I will see you next time 
on say what it’s vegan I’m Chef Joya ciao