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How to make vegan in under 20 minutes (not including chill time) with no nuts. It’s creamy, rich, salty, savory, tangy, sharp, and cheesy, and you can slice and shred it!

Sliced, Shredded, and Spread Vegan (Nut-Free)

When it comes to vegan homemade , I’m obsessed. I’ve already shared for gooey vegan mozzarella, a 3-minute vegan cheese sauce, and even a sliceable vegan cheese (like a very mild ). Now, it’s the turn of this more robust, sliceable, shreddable vegan cheese.

Building from the last hard cheese, this dairy-free cheddar cheese is still creamy, cheesy, and silky but also more robust, sharp, and tangy. Unlike many vegan cheddar cheese , my version is also nut-free (no cashews). In fact, this vegan cheese recipe is nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Best of all, once you have the ‘special’ ingredients stocked (agar and tapioca), this recipe is also more economical to prepare than buying the cheese from a store, and it’s ridiculously simple to prepare. Just blend, simmer, and set.

While it isn’t as melty as regular dairy cheese, it’s much healthier and very delicious. It’s also super versatile with a firm yet slightly spreadable consistency: enjoy it sliced in a grilled cheese, spread over crackers, shredded over pizza, added to cheese boards, etc.

The Ingredients

Dairy-free milk: I recommend using canned coconut milk (the entire can) for the creamiest vegan cheddar cheese.

If you use a lighter milk (cashew milk, almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, etc.), add 4 tablespoons of (which has no coconut flavor) for consistency, mouthfeel, and meltability.

Red pepper: Roasted red pepper provides the plant-based cheddar cheese with color and flavor, with a subtle smoky depth. You can use jarred roasted peppers or roast them yourself.
Salt: Adjust the amount to taste.
Aromatics: Onion powder and garlic…..

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