‘Unsanitary’ Mac and Cheese Recipe Horrifies the Internet

After stirring the mixture — again, this is all in the sink — she shovels it into a baking dish and puts her kitchen sink mac and cheese in the oven.

“If you’re wondering about any of the things that were in the sink, guess what? It boils all out,” she says.

The “best way to make mac and cheese” video quickly went viral on Facebook, where it has more than 6.5 million views. More than anything, viewers have responded to Janelle & Kate’s bizarre kitchen hack with outrage, disgust, and even concern, with multiple Facebook users calling the recipe “unsanitary.”

“This is why I worry about going to potlucks. Next up: Toilet Tortellini,” one commenter wrote.

“There is absolutely no reason to mix all that in the sink. I don’t care if it was sanitized. It’s disgusting to me,” another viewer added.


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