This is a McDonald’s-style Sausage, Egg & Cheese McMuffin BUT SO MUCH BETTER | Loaf Lounge

We’re at #LoafLounge in Chicago eating a #SausageEggAndCheese for $9 each. It’s an amazing breakfast sandwich and a must-get. A new #NumberSixWithCheese video is here!

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[Music] You guys are exactly where you need to Be today what's up welcome back to that's Corey I'm Sean today if you've been following the Show we're on a mission this year to Find the best breakfast sandwiches in All of Chicago and this one is supposed To be damn good this is the on a muffin it's you're doing The McDonald's thing at loaf Lounge in Avondale so very puncture here to watch Us devour that and review it and then Today we want to give a shout out to the Girl that made the logo six and a half years ago Sarah motto and not just for that Because she bought sixer sauce and two Stickers of her great work so uh she's Super super amazing and then also if you Guys want to skip the line that purchase Was from August 2020. if you want to Jump three years you can buy the hot Sauce subscription where you save 25 you Get at your door every single month and You get a shout out way sooner so uh Some details some coming up Puncture here [Music] Hi I just had to pick up for Sean Amazing thank you have a good day Very pumped for what's in this bag all Right guys you know the drill two Sandwiches two breakfast sandwiches the

Loaf Lounge epic sandwiches in that bag Acquired jump cut damn the two hoodies Yeah right for real cozy they are so This yeah both of these all right Sixers On the dashboard there you are there's for 's second Angle all right we got the little to-go Box I like this move let's open it up And boom pull it out for you guys to see Here oh my gosh it looks so much like The McDonald's Egg McMuffin like a Higher grade quality one uh so we've got Garlic Maple sausage on here you can see The egg uh over easy no probably over There it looks like a little bit of Yokiness to it over medium maybe I'd say Uh American cheese Herbie Mayo on a House made English muffin this looks Delicious and juicy and greasy and great These bad boys nine dollars each whoa So you got that uh that fancy price for That fancy sandwich great all right loaf Lounge let's see how your breakfast Sandwich game is cheers Crispy sausage crispy sausage very Crispy muffin too yeah wow the texture I Knew it was going to be decent that is a Good crunch the muffin I've never really Thought about this before but it is a Great gather of juices it really is it Soaks in there but doesn't like yeah Fall apart also if you guys are watching This and you have a drinking problem in The morning drink every time the word

Juice or juiceified or juices came up Today Man this is good I love that sauce The uh Herbie mayo oh wow perfectly Melted cheese Whoa squirter oops that's offensive Terms can be for two things wow dude I'll say this because samas is better in My opinion but this is like a different Gun whoa this is even more like the McDonald's than like that one is I Really really dig this like so so much Well I guess it's official that is Fantastic nine bucks is tough it's tough To stomach at but if I was rich and I Lived like over here I'd be there every Morning So this place Corey if you guys watch The bear the chocolate cake that is Iconic in that show is from here oh That's awesome yeah so apparently if You're a cake person I'd say snag a Slice that because they're really a Bakery is like kind of their main thing Like this is great but like their Bakery Game looked fire Some real spices in this uh sausage but I'm not used to it right I was about to Say that like okay let's see some Crushed Reds there does seem to be an Epic seasoning happening in the sausage Man this is just so enjoyable to eat It's even without the hash brown on it Like kasama does it still has such a

Great texture Um Yeah just like it's one of the things Where they made they made it simple yeah But they just did a good job with every Simple item What would you say has been your Favorite breakfast item of Your lifetime you know what's weird I Haven't gotten a lot of them I avoid Breakfast I'm one of those guys who wait Till 10 30 for the lunch because I love The McDouble so much I like that answer Too the way the wait out yeah I haven't Had enough experiences I guess if I had To pick like gun to head is there like a Croissant one or no yeah like Burger King's got that buttery croissant one I'd probably like that but that's like a Complete guess yeah not based off of Previous knowledge right you know before Work I stopped by Burger King for a Hot 99 cent for a sandwich from the show I've been watching uh the that made America McDonald's was the original Innovator of the breakfast sandwich okay And it was from a uh franchiser I Believe in Texas who came up with the Idea and pitched it to Red Croc you're a Bowling alley gem because of the show Now I know right I love fun facts I mean It's just a flying mad fun fact this is Where it applies most to have that Knowledge this is the place no kidding

How they have all-day breakfast at McDonald's they brought it back they Should do all day lunch I want sometimes I want french fries at nine in the Morning yeah I Gotta Wait judgment Anything I don't want any judgment Well I just got walking okay he's moving Around down I got a lot of denim That's a Canadian Canadian tuxedo fiber Sure is hey before I finish the sandwich Should we do some shout outs I finished Mine but yes I just stuffed this in my Mouth Man I love that grew on me I kept Getting better According to the donation notebook today We got to give it up for Charles Russell 20 donation Jason Thompson 11.69 and Ray Camacho three bucks so thank you guys so Much to you the venmo the PayPal it's Linked below you donate to the show it Goes directly to what makes the show Tick all the food all the gas all the Inner workings of merchandise so hit us Up you'll get a shout out we love you For it thank you I don't know if they Can really see how juicy this is like Yeah it's just so so freaking it really Is it had more going on to it than the Kasama one as far as like there was a Lot of different factors that kind of Made it really good I don't know like it Was simple but there was more to it I Think you're right though the sound was

Still looked better they're different Without manganese of sausage he just Kind of puts the yeah I'm a touch higher It does damn I'm gonna happen so far I'd Say probably kasama loaf Lounge the Badass breakfast sandwich from 11 City Diner no I know but I'm thinking those Are the ones I think we've like are kind Of I need to still have that I gotta Yeah we gotta go back because that that I haven't tried it super close to the Cosmet that one I think is still my Favorite I would love it yeah Mind-blowing that's kind of right now Where we're at though as we continue This journey of finding them I think That one might have been the most Expensive all right guys before we go Ahead and rate these sandwiches out of Five like we do on this show one last Breakdown take it away Cory uh man the Flavor was unbelievable like I said it Was kind of like Smash Burgers where we Prefer to have it be simple with a great Sauce yeah and that Herby Mayo was Fantastic everything was simple they Just did everything right they made sure They put the muffins on the the flat Iron yeah nice and crisp up the sausage Was delicious the nine dollar price tag A little rough and especially if it Doesn't come with a side but hey our Other one was 14 so it's cheaper than That one yeah still amazing you just

Have to be of either celebratory mood or Mode yeah or uh be filthy freaking rich To be getting getting that on the Regular basis but hey you know what That's okay when it's that good I guess Sometimes you got to go to splurge Town Dude and that would be a great spot um Splurge Town collecting a lot of juices This has been an x-rated video it's a Bummer that we have to change it to Catch not appropriate for children under 17. but you know whatever cover your Kids ears yeah I think we've gotten Tamer over time it used to be wild in Here you know what I the things I used To say I made a conscious effort to tone It down a little bit so a lot less uh Three jokes a lot less jokes I didn't Think that I would probably give a Perfect score to like another breakfast Sandwich in this city after eating Kasamas but that is so good and so Different I'm not saying I'm giving Birth I mean I'm thinking uh but overall The crispiness the saltiness of the Sausage everything was even more Herby Than kasamas it did a different thing Yeah perfectly yeah so we'll see Alex You're back through that music let's go Like when you go to March Madness There's four number one scenes yeah I Like that I'm debating I'm like You know what I gotta go with my gut I'm going with my

God I think if they would have hash Browns and or bacon on there I'd be Speaking in the tune I think there's a Small smidgen room for improvement okay Cut it off all right on the count of Three Corey are you ready to reveal your Score better believe it one two three Yeah dude I only put four nine I really Do think that was perfect in a different Way that's great it was so fantastic I Mean you guys gotta try it I'm not even Gonna argue with that five yeah you guys Gotta try it uh don't forget to like This video subscribe to the channel Number six which is puts videos out I Mean damn near like 20 to 25 a month so I looked it up how many the average Weekdays in the in a month is 19 to 22. There we go there we go search the other Day so I have I actually have that Answer for that math please like Please Subscribe come on back hang out with us We are truly a community-based show so Anytime you want to hang out like today By commenting this what is your Breakfast vehicle of choice you got the Muffin you got the croissant you got the Bagel you got a lettuce wrap if you're a Serial killer uh no like of all the Different things you could basically Vehicleize to get those egg and meats And things in your mouth what do you What do you pick what's your go-to well Commentars later today and uh we'll talk

To you guys very soon because guess what There's a new video tomorrow If you have any suggestions as well for Top-notch breakfast sandwiches in the City yeah please let us know Discord is For sure yeah we got a whole food Channel in our Discord where people Throw out great uh options so good and a Lot of bad options some bad options too Look I'm a pessimist when it comes to The Discord yeah some of you guys need To shut up no I'm just kidding I'm just Kidding I love you uh we'll see you Tomorrow thank you for being here [Music]