The Secret Ingredient For A Crispier Grilled Cheese

For creating crispy textures, coconut oil is an excellent choice. The oil can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for sauteeing, frying, and generally getting a golden crunchy texture, writes SFGate. Cory Fernandez of The Kitchn tested seven different ingredients when preparing grilled cheese and reported that coconut oil left the sandwich with a desirable crisp and even texture. For those worried about an overpowering coconut taste, Fernandez writes that the coconut taste disappears.

The one drawback of coconut oil is the lack of flavor that other oils like butter or olive provide, says Fernandez. So, for punchier and crispy sandwiches, add some tang with flavorful melting cheeses, like a young cheddar or fontina, says Bon Appétit. You can also include delicious and tangy ingredients like sliced apples or kimchi.

Recently, many have touted coconut oil for its health benefits. Still, there’s little evidence that the coconut oil used in cooking provides those benefits, says Healthline. So, when opting for coconut oil, do it for the way the oil elevates fried and grilled foods — like the beloved grilled cheese sandwich — with a perfectly crisp and even texture.


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