The Salt and Stone — Ham and Cheese Croissants | Food And Drink

I get a little stuck in the blur of the holiday weekend. I work really hard preparing a feast for Thanksgiving and by the time its shopped for, prepped, eaten and cleaned up; I’m wiped out. As in, don’t ask me what there is to eat, because I don’t care and if you make a mess in my clean kitchen, I might have a full-on meltdown. Please tell me I’m not alone on this.

But here’s the tricky part: After all that work, I have a taste for decadent, extravagant and I don’t want the deliciousness to end. Also, typically I have a houseful of family and friends who do expect to eat more than once while staying at my house. So, I need a lineup of fun and that are crowd-pleasers but also don’t take a whole lot of bandwidth to produce. Because there’s just only so many dishes one cook can handle.

And let’s be honest, the whole weekend is a frenzy of fun activity. Between Thanksgiving festivities, the Apple Cup, turkey trotting, flag footballing and for us, heading up into the woods in search of a Christmas tree, the weekend is packed and deserving of more than just one good meal.

I’m happy to report I’ve got just the thing for when leftovers aren’t going to cut it anymore but you’re still looking for something a little special to eat. These ham and cheese croissants use frozen puff pastry and are jam packed with cheese and ham. The end result is a surprisingly light little melty sandwich perfect for football games, or to dunk in tomato soup after a cold walk through the woods.

I kept this easy with classic ingredients like ham and cheddar cheese, knowing my family would gobble these right up but you could have some fun swapping in flavors and ingredients that appeal to you. Sun dried tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella cheese would be lovely as would cranberry sauce, leftover turkey and a little slice of brie cheese. Have some fun with it and use this as a launchpad for whatever sounds good to…


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