The Spicy And Sweet Condiment To Elevate Your Cheese Board

According to La Cucina Italiana, the fruity and spicy condiment your cheese board is missing is the beloved Italian mostarda. What is mostarda? A Family Feast says it is made with fresh and dried fruits and bathed in a “mustard-flavored syrup.” The resulting taste is a sweet heat, and while originally it was served with boiled meats, mostarda pairs well against some of your favorite cheeses. The Cheese Connoisseur suggests trying a nice Chevre, Gouda, or Pecorino Romano with your mostarda.

La Cucina Italiana goes on to share there are several variations of mostarda. Mostarda cremonese uses a mix of whole fruits; Mostarda mantovana uses a single fruit; And if you are in the Veneto region of Italy, you will find mostarda is generally pureed into a spreadable jelly-like substance. Mostardas can be made with many different fruits, including apples, cranberries, and apricots (via A Family Feast). If you are making your own, be it a homemade grape and bourbon mostarda, or one more that is more traditional, Food 52 recommends giving it a few days to chill and set. The food site notes this sweet and spicy, fruity spread really needs this time to achieve the consistency, texture, and taste that is synonymous with this condiment. 


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