The little Aberdeen shop filled with lots of love

Love and passion is what makes local businesses so special. With Gourmet Cheese Co, this couldn’t be truer.

This artisan cheesemonger on Aberdeen’s Rosemount Place has been run by Kathryn Figueiredo since 2017.

She was terrified about running her own shop at first. But now, it’s nothing but love that emanates from her.

A selection of artisan cheeses at Gourmet Cheese Co. Image: Kath Flannery / DC Thomson

From quality cheeses to her super staff and the supportive local community, it’s a wonder how Kathryn’s heart isn’t beating out of her chest her passion for her “little baby” is so strong.

The shop is also entering its busiest season of the year with Christmas approaching and now is as good a time as any to explore the delights of this food haven has to offer.

We talked to Kathryn to find out more about Gourmet Cheese Co.

Kathryn Figueiredo, owner of Gourmet Cheese Co. Image: Kath Flannery / DC Thomson.

Tell us about yourself.

I’ve been in Aberdeen now for around 10 years. I’m from Zimbabwe originally, but I’ve also lived in South Africa and America. There weren’t really a lot of working opportunities in Zimbabwe, so my husband Michael and I just moved to where the work was.

His family were in America, so we lived there for around 15 years where he ran his own workshop as a mechanic. After a while, we got a bit tired of the rat race. His mum lives in Forres and my dad was from Glasgow, so we thought we’d relocate closer to our Scottish roots.

Cheese wire at the ready. Image: Kath Flannery / DC Thomson.

How did the opportunity for Gourmet Cheese Co arise?

My husband nipped out to buy some cheese from I.J. Mellis, the cheese shop which used to be here, and found out that it was due to be closing.

I’d been a stay-at-home mum for nearly 23 years at this point and it really did feel like I needed to be doing something else.

So, he thought it would be a perfect opportunity to save the shop by buying it and gifting it to me…


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