The award for the most impractical super-bargain goes to this 44lb chunk of cheese


A TikToker named Nikki P – @deityartistry – shared this hilarious video of the moment she discovered her husband had come home with 44lbs of parmesan cheese – and why.

@deityartistry That’s my man…and ima stick beside him. 🥴 #husbandwifecomedy #fyp #someonemessedup #cheese #witw #bruh ♬ original sound – Nikki P

We looked into it, and a whole wheel of can be bought for £660, so he has £330 or $397.23 worth of parmesan. For $10.44.

We’d really hate to be the member of staff who labelled it as an item price rather than per pound.

Like Nikki, TikTok users tried to walk the tightrope between the massive bargain and the huge impracticality.

$10.44 for 44 POUNDS of good parm is INSANE! You can’t buy 44 ounces for that cost. That’s amazing. He made the right call.

I have a shirt that says “in my defense I was unsupervised” and I think he needs it more than I do 😂😂😂

That is one hell of a deal! I’d be bragging about that for the rest of my natural life 🤣

Pull that out at olive garden – Nope, I got my own cheese thank you🤣🤣🤣

As an Italian, that’s true love bringing home that Parmesan!

This is how my partner acted when he came home with 20lbs of bananas because of a sale…

It isn’t the hero we asked for but it’s the hero we needed.
Allen Fuso Stewart

A TikTok user named Kristianna Leverette explained how it could definitely have been worse.

Oh wow!!! I’m speechless… my husband did this but it was FREAKING SPAM!!!!

Nikki put the enormous cheese into a little more context.

@deityartistry Replying to @jcmimi_of1_momofmany #parmesan #Italy #Alfredo #cheesetok #fyp #noregrets ♬ original sound – TheQuoteBibles

Someone with inside information stitched with the original video.

@shilosmmrs #stitch with @deityartistry #greenscreen #cheese ♬ original sound – shilo

Nikki and her husband…


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