Revel: Innovation in Gastronomy. A Cheese Knife with a Solid Design That Can Cut, Slice, and Saw All Different Kinds.

Montrevel En Bresse, France, November 24, 2022 –(– “How do you want to govern a country where there are 246 varieties of cheese?” – General de Gaulle

There is no better sight for cheese enthusiasts than a magnificent cheese spread consisting of a beautiful assortment of local specialties. But imagine, just as these turophiles (the technical word for a person that truly loves cheese) begin their first cut to commemorate a memorable tasting… the knife doesn’t work. It appears to be too light for the hard, old crusts, of some varieties. There is no serration for the fresher cheeses, and the blade is not sharp enough for the flowery rinds… This could very well be the definition of a disappointing gourmet experience.

The conclusion was clear: the culinary experience had to be improved.

Jérémy Laubriat, 36, wanted a year ago to create his company with the desire to highlight the French industrial past. Originally from a region known for its reblochons, picodons and blue cheeses of all kinds, his first project is therefore, part of this dish synonymous with pleasure and sharing: cheese.

It is therefore, after more than a year of creating drawings, prototypes, tests, partner research that the first knives were born.

Revel has implemented all the local know-how to offer a knife capable of responding to each of the 246 cheeses existing in France.

A knife that combines characteristics allowing it to meet the requirements of each cheeses on the world:

– A crossing tang: Extension of the blade in the entire handle which ensures a guarantee of solidity.
– The points start the cuts and allow you to prick the cheese.
– A smooth double-edged blade, for soft cheeses, sausages, etc.
– The perforated blade saw: For fresh and fragile cheeses, to prevent the cheese from sticking to the blade, but also foie gras, terrines and bread.
– A hatchet: for hard cheeses and aged cheeses.

One Knife to Cut Them All, One Knife to Slice Them, One Knife to Saw Them All, and on the Board to…


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