I’m a foodie and I make my own Greggs cheese and bean melt in my air fryer – it tastes even better than the real deal

THERE’S nothing better than a snack from Greggs when you’re craving something cheap and cheerful – right? 

Well, if you’re a fan of Greggs and want to know how you can make your own at home, you’ve come to the right place.


If you have an air fryer and are a fan of Greggs, you will want to listen upCredit: Getty


A food fan has revealed that she makes her own version of the Greggs sausage, bean and cheese melt, using her air fryerCredit: tiktok/@airfry_jen


Known as @airfry_jen on TikTok, the air fryer whizz shared her simple recipe, leaving many very impressedCredit: tiktok/@airfry_jen

One food fan, known on TikTok as @airfry_jen, has taken to the video sharing platform to show off how she creates her own version of the Greggs sausage, bean and cheese melt, using an air fryer.

The foodie regularly shares her air frying tips and affordable meal ideas on the social media app and has amassed an impressive 105.2k followers and 739.3k likes in the process.

In one of her recent clips, Jen shared her simple but delicious recipe for her Greggs fakeaway.

So if you have joined the air fryer gang, this is definitely one worth trying.

It’s safe to say, our mouths are now watering, so if you are a fan of Greggs, you’ll want to listen up. 

Jen posted her clip with the caption ‘My version of a Greggs sausage & Bean melt..without the sausage. Cheese and Bean Pasty cooked in the air fryer’.

In the clip, we see Jen gather her ingredients together – some pre-made puff pastry, a pack of red Leicester cheese and a tin of baked beans.

Firstly, she uses a pizza cutter to cut her puff pastry into pieces.

She then puts a few spoonfuls of baked beans onto the pastry, along with a generous handful of cheese.

After this, she places another piece of puff pastry on top of the parcel.

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Following this, she uses a fork to make markings around each edge of the pastry, to seal the fillings inside and…


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