Over $1m in cheese stolen from El Socorro warehouse | Local News

An estimated $1,111,200 in cheese was stolen from a warehouse in .

At about 3.55 p.m. on Wednesday, the of Hand located along Chootoo Lane in reported to the that the business had been robbed by persons utilising a five-tonne truck.

The incident was captured on CCTV footage.

According to police reports, on Tuesday morning the truck arrived at the warehouse at the same time that several other vehicles had arrived to remove inventory.

At the time, the and his passengers did not provide any documented invoice for items, however, after conversations with security personnel, they were allowed into the facility.

Persons exited the truck and began loading the vehicle with several cases of cheese.

When the truck was filled, the vehicle and its occupants left.

It was not until later that day when the inventory of what had been moved was taken that it was realised the van was not listed as a vehicle registered to transport goods or conduct business for the company.

Checks were made and it was discovered that 300 cases of 20kg bulk cheddar cheese valued $360,000, along with an additional 626 cases of cheese valued $751,200, had been removed.

The two managers then made their way to the where a report was made.

is continuing enquiries.


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