Lil Yachty’s Hot Honey Pizza Is The Worst We’ve Ever Had

Today trying the Hot Honey Pizza from Lil Yachty and it is HORRIBLE!




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#frozenpizza #lilyachty #pizzareview #foodreview

[Music] Thank you [Music] All right guys let's start this video Off with a little merch shout out for Allison Hammond Allison bought five that's right five Bottles of sixer sauce it's 60 bucks in Sixer sauce you're a hero Allison love You Allison hey welcome to Bruin review [Music] That's tasty I already don't even care About the I'm right to the puzzle all Right we've been rocking Rocking you've probably seen 5.6 super Easy drinking malt liquor but on the Bottom of these tops are puzzles and We've been obsessed I think I already Got mine all right butter safe Tan Better safe than sorry yeah let's go Yeah all right that's yours I think this Is go for a second go for second it is Yeah damn uh yeah drinking Mickey's Again guys you guys are seeing it and Then you want to tell them what we're Feasting on today man okay so Corey saw That Walmart was selling Lil yachty which yada y uh famous Rapper Um been around a while uh this is from The deep Cuts brand and this it's a hot Honey cheese pizza with cheddar cheese Seasoned crust I will say The Branding

Is incredible fire so it kind of reminds Me of rap snacks yeah just how like the The cartoon is so cool like I just loved All that branding Um but everything about it looks great Until we kind of like open the pizza and Made it we put it on the oven rack like The main oven rack like it said and it Like bubbled up it didn't Bubble Up it Sank through it sink through the thing And then but it really did rise a lot Too like how thin this was and how oh Yeah Yeah but I think the Optics of this are Awful yeah yeah you can see some cheese Crust right here I don't know this just Looks bad dude yeah I'm very interested To see how it turns out if this ends up Being tasty don't listen to anything I Blow our minds wow so yeah little Yachty's pizza Rare meatless pizza for us mine's got a Bump all right here we go let's try it Out cheers Oh I hated the first bite yeah the Texture like I don't know if it's a Sauce or cheese it tastes like cheap Pizza like you just took oh my God like A jacks or something it's so like hard Doughy oh this is so bad oh I want to Get that cheesy crust though yeah guys This is weird all right here's my degree It's so chewy my cheek so chewy so chewy I don't really like the juicy crust is

It just Cheetos cheese like like Off-brand like oh it's so bad but my Jaw's getting sore I feel like I did my Face did a workout all right I'm just Gonna eat this crust like this looks Really yeah yeah so far cheesed up I Hope you guys are This might be one of the worst frozen Pizzas we've ever had oh my God it's so Chewy and so it almost tastes stale it's So chewy bro I feel like I'm eating Stale Pizza you bought this at the store Three days ago how good are you six or Sauce can you Salvage this can you make A couch cushion better I'm gonna try one More bite man you know what I'm gonna go Opposite side of the pizza to kind of Get oh my God look at just like how this Looks I'm gonna even eat something There's no world uh I can't believe how Chewy this is totally shocked I'm blown Away that's something other than the Cheap cheese and sauce has like like I Thought that's all I'd be talking about But it's so chewy I'm not even thinking About how cheap it tastes every single Part of this pizza is bad except for Branding yeah yeah branding is a 10 out Of 10 and every other part is a zero oh My God look at the Obama is picked up Yeah this is just flat out bad I don't Know maybe we should still try some more People seem to like seeing us in hate I Mean we are food critics so like as much

As it sucks we are helping people out But yeah price so you guys know 6.98 we Just had a pizza that was the exact same Price I'm now I think in that video we Were like oh this is pretty average but It's it's okay that piece is phenomenal I would love it we would hate this Forever I'd be like oh my God I think we Just found the best pizza in the game I Keep wanting this this like oh cheddar Cheese seasoned crust to be good I don't Know how to salvage this either like It's not like no I can change the Toppings and judge it up or like get a Bunch of ranch dipping sauces and dip Across Um it literally like from its core is Bad it's this is a pretty piss board I'm So glad that we like did this for them Like I feel good about them not spending Seven dollars on this yeah getting home And being like oh cool Lil yachty's got A pizza and by the way hot honey did you Get any heat or any honey I totally Forgot it was supposed to be honey as Well there's like no sweetness on it all Heat for sure now honey no there's look At this Look at this say anything else like just Look at this that is just it's a blob Dude it looks like Pizza The Hut yeah Man it should be Pizza the Huts Pizza That would have crushed then it's Exactly what you expect all right are

You ready to rate this thing yeah let's Do it Eric McCloskey drum roll please Yeah on the count of three whether you Like to enjoyed the 698 Lil yachty's Deep color deep Cuts hot honey cheese Pizza are you ready I'm ready Oh Man the trash clearly guys uh if you can Still look just because we didn't like The pizza doesn't mean you can't like The video if you could just give it a Quick like please do And subscribe we'd Really appreciate it and then a question For you guys what's your least favorite what's the most trash one Out there yeah yeah uh if you've had This you'll almost surely will say this But I'm interested to see yeah some People hate certain ones yeah I'm Excited to read those I'll comment mine Besides for this have a good old hate Day let's have a hate day but we'll love Each other amongst the hate constructive Criticism uh we'll see you Monday for a Brand new episode thanks for being here Saving Grace today Mickey's and you sure Sure I'll solve a riddle I'd like to see Mickey and little yachty fight Ing I would love that that'd be cool Refereed by The smog the smog [Music] [Music]