Kraft Is Making Paying the ‘Cheese Tax’ to Your Dog a Little Bit Easier

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Courtesy of Kraft Singles

It doesn’t matter what time it is — 10 am, 1:35 pm, 3:23 am — if you open up that refrigerator and you have a dog, you’d better believe they heard it. Not only did they hear it, but they also dropped whatever they were doing and summoned super dog speed to perch themselves as close to the open door as humanly (dogly?) possible.

Whether you treat your pup to people- snacks once in a while or not, the temptation is almost impossible to resist. Those puppy dog eyes, the slight whine, the anxious weight shift from paw to paw. Your dog is asking for something very specific: the tax.

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There’s a song, created by and Puppy Songs founder , addressing this very phenomenon sweeping TikTok, one that’s set to a surprisingly earworm-y and slightly pirate-y tune. “When the comes out, this puppy comes a lookin’.” It continues: “I’m not just askin’ because I’m looking for snacks, this is real important business, and you gotta pay the tax.” And Kraft has been listening.

For a limited time, the brand is giving away free packs of Kraft Singles to lucky cheese fans (and their very lucky dogs). It’s a rather mysterious campaign — there’s currently no information on how you can get your hands on one of these limited-edition packs, other than to check in on Kraft’s Instagram in the coming days for more details.

You have to admit: It’s super cute. And while this special pack has the same amount of singles as the regular pack, the packaging makes it clear — there are 15 slices in there for you, and one for them. And even though dogs can’t read, we have a feeling they’ll know if you disobey that rule.

Just for fun, here are some of our favorite Cheese Tax videos:

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