Kraft Singles is revolutionizing how to pay the ‘cheese tax’ to your dogs

A package of singles. | Provided by Heinz

A twangy song has been taking over TikTok and it’s all about the tax. Puppy Songs, an account run by , released a now-trending song about how when people open up the cheese drawer in their fridge, their dog will often come to nibble on a little piece of cheese. Hence the name “cheese tax.”

Some of the lyrics go, “The rules are the rules, and the facts are the facts, and when the cheese drawer opens, you gotta pay the tax!”

Singles apparently heard the song, because now it’s offering an easier way for pet owners to pay the cheese tax. Singles announced on that it would be offering a “Cheese Tax Pack” soon.

This new package of Kraft Singles will include 15 slices for you to use and one slice for you to pay the cheese tax to your dog, according to Food & Wine. The rules are the rules, so that one slice would be great to use as you’re paying the cheese tax.

This will be a limited edition package of cheese. Details are forthcoming on get a package, so pay attention to the Kraft Singles page, which will likely be updated with more information soon.

Since Hobbs released the song, he has also put out an acoustic version and an extended version on . According to data from TikTok, the song has been used in 21,400 videos with millions of likes. Pet owners are using the song with their own dogs.


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