I made a classic grilled cheese using 3 different appliances, and I’m never using an air fryer again

Labeled side-by-side of a grilled cheese made with an air fryer (left) and stove (right).

I made grilled-cheese sandwiches using three different kitchen appliances.

  • I used a stove, an oven, and an air to make to find the best method.

  • The air left me disappointed with a burnt, chewy, and unappealing grilled-cheese sandwich.

  • Although the oven made a good , the stove remains superior.

I’ve made many, many grilled-cheese sandwiches in my day, and I always reach for my favorite griddle pan. No matter what type of bread or cheese I decide to use, I’ve stuck to the classic stove-top method.

But with so many kitchen gadgets out there these days, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is there a better way to make ?

I decided to test three staple kitchen appliances — the stove, an oven, and an air — by making classic grilled cheeses using white bread, spreadable butter, and American-cheese slices.

Here’s how they stacked up.

First I assembled the ingredients for three identical grilled-cheese sandwiches.

Two stacks of bread, four Kraft singles and a tub of butter on a countertop.

I made three identical sandwiches to ensure fairness.

Before I started testing the stove, oven, and air fryer, I decided to assemble my ingredients to make the sandwiches as identical as possible.

For each sandwich, I used two pieces of plain white bread with about 1/4 tablespoon of spreadable butter on one side of each slice. Each sandwich then received two slices of generic American cheese.

I started with the method I know best: the stove.

uncooked grilled cheese sandwich on a pan over a stove

I placed my sandwich on a pan over medium heat.

I was using someone else’s stove, which was an induction cooktop, and it took a bit longer to heat than my at home.

I usually set my own stove to medium heat, and the bread starts browning within a few minutes. The induction cooktop took a little longer, about six or seven minutes to heat up and brown one side of the bread.

At this point, I flipped the sandwich and turned the heat up to medium-high.

Grilled cheese on an inducted cooktop.

The grilled cheese on the stove started to brown quickly.Paige Bennett

It took only a few…


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