How to still make your sandwiches ‘heavenly’ even if you’ve run out of butter

A foodie has shared a way to make grilled cheese sandwiches slap – butter or no butter.

Posting on Reddit’s hack forum, the sandwich maker explained that they had to use mayonnaise instead of butter in a grilled cheese sandwich but the last-minute substitution made it “heaven”.

They wrote: “So recently I was wanting to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

“I went to the fridge to pull what I needed and that’s when I discovered I was out of butter. Damn. I don’t wanna give up here. What the hell can I do?

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“I have pulled all the ingredients and was on my way to grilled cheese heaven. I looked and spotted some mayonnaise. That’s when the lightbulb went off! My ah ha moment. I quickly spread some mayonnaise in place of butter and did my normal routine.

“Let me end with this… I will never make grilled cheese any other way. I found my place in grilled cheese heaven!”

Other people have spoke highly of the combo:

u201cfinally tried the mayo trick with grilled cheese and my gawddddddddddddddu201d

— Offer & Launch Strategist u26a1ufe0f (@Offer & Launch Strategist u26a1ufe0f)

So now you have no excuse to make a rubbish sarnie.

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