6 Foods That Can Trigger Headaches or Migraine

1. Wines or alcoholic beverages can be a reason for your headache. May eb a drink once in a while may not be that harmful but do not consume any form of alcohol daily. Both white and red has sulfites in them that are considered a potential trigger due to the combined effect of sulfites and alcohol. Alcohol causes increased blood flow to your brain and can cause dehydration thus resulting in a headache.

2. Coffee is a tricky , it can be a triggering factor but also a calming one. According to Penn Medicine, your headache may be a coffee withdrawal symptom and you may experience it when you wake up late past your coffee time in the morning or have to get rid of the habit due to health concerns. Now a small quantity of coffee is also helpful in these conditions. Moreover, few OTC medicines and you should limit your coffee intake to 200 mg in a day.

3. Aged : You may not know but even the best quality may be the reason behind your headache, more specifically the aged like Swiss, Parmesan, , or cheddar are to blame. Aged cheeses are high in tyramine, a natural chemical found in some foods which can cause headaches by constricting and dilating blood vessels.

4. Processed meats can also be the reason for your regular headache attacks and if you are someone who eats meat on a regular basis, it is better that you consume fresh meat instead of frozen or processed ones since nitrates are used as preservatives in hot dogs, bacon, and deli meats result in dilation of blood vessels thus triggering headaches in some people (National Headache Foundation). Some people may be especially sensitive to these chemicals and even a small amount can be harmful.


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