First shipments of Scottish cheese land Down Under following new trade rules

The first shipment of Scottish cheese has arrived in following the removal of trade barriers.

Twelve varieties of cheese, including the infamous , can now be exported down under, due to new rules.

The first sea freight shipment consisting of four raw milk cheese varieties arrived this week, with a further three expected to follow.

It is after a lengthy review between the UK and Australia assessing which cheeses can be imported with the newly recognised foreign government certificate.

British farms have been able to prove that safety standards are up to the high level expected from Australian importers.

Types of cheese now able to be shipped include Montgomery’s , Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, St Andrew’s Anster, St Andrew’s and Westcombe .

The news comes as businesses celebrate Small Business Saturday, which aims to encourage consumers to support small businesses.

Independent cheese farmers across the country are to benefit from the reduction in trade tariffs under the new UK/Australia trade deal.

‘Open up new opportunities for small firms’

Currently, tariffs are at 20% but in five years that figure will have reduced to virtually 0%.

However, there has been criticism of the deal, with one former , claiming the deal gave too much away for little in return.

Others have criticised the deal’s impact on sheep and cattle farmers in Scotland, who could suffer under relaxed rules.

said: “Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the incredible export journeys of British businesses and I am delighted British raw milk cheesemakers can now export to Australia.

“Across the globe, the UK is renowned for its high standards in safety and quality so I am excited that businesses across the dairy sector can freely share their produce with Australian consumers to enjoy.

“This is just the latest…


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