Beef rendang Wellington and a cheese course in a glass

You probably don’t see a lot of raw grouper or raw shrimp on menus, but read on and you’ll see them here. Chef Brian Whalen of Jaja in Cleveland makes a grouper crudo with torched blood orange, tomatoes, and spherified lime juice, and Jorge Espinoza of Scarpetta in New York City offers shrimp carpaccio with Szechuan pepper.

At Destino in Washington, D.C., chef Robert Aikens, who mostly makes Mexican food, offers a Mexican-Italian mashup with a pasta including rabbit, epazote, and huitlacoche.

Phat Eatery in Katy, Texas, made its signature beef rendang with an American wagyu banana shank and then gave it the Wellington treatment as part of its Thanksgiving dinner, and it was such a hit that it will be staying on the menu for a while.

And at Woodwind in Chicago beverage manager Carolina Gonzalez has devised a cocktail that she says is like a cheese course in a glass.

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