Essential Cheese Knives For Charcuterie Lovers

What’s one cheese knife this cheese monger does not find necessary? That would be the cheese plane. These common knives also have a chisel-like appearance but have a sharp slit in the middle which you drag across the cheese to create thin slices. Downey says she is “not a fan” of these knives because “to use it, you have to hold the whole wedge of cheese which is kind of gross” and furthermore, they create very thin slices, which may not allow you to fully appreciate the cheese.

Another tip Downey recommends is looking for a set of cheese knives that is dishwasher safe with a metal or stone handle instead of the common wood ones to make cleanup after your get-together easier. As far as investment, according to the cheese expert, sets can range between $30 to $100 or more. If you don’t feel ready to take the plunge just yet, Downey says paring and butter knives can work in a pinch for hard and soft cheeses, respectively. 


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