Cheesy Sweets! How Cheese Became A Part Of Our Favorite Desserts

Oh cheese! One of our favorite additions to any meal Whether it is a huge pizza or a bowl of creamy pasta, just a sprinkle of cheese makes it all better. But if you have a sweet tooth and still want to indulge in your love for cheese, here are some mouth-watering “cheesy” sweets!

This famous sweet consists of one or more layers of varying types. The base or crust includes crushed cookies, graham crackers, or sponge cake. The main layer has a mixture of a soft fresh cheese, typically cottage cheese, cream cheese, or ricotta, mixed with eggs and sugar. It can be baked, left unbaked, or refrigerated. It is sweetened with sugar and can also be flavored in different ways. Many flavors, like vanilla, spices, lemon, chocolate, and so on, are added to the main cheese layer.


Kunafa is an extremely royal Middle-Eastern dessert that has a stuffing of cream cheese and mozzarella cheese and is topped with sugar syrup and pistachios. The spun pastry, called “kataifi,” is soaked in a sweet sugar-based syrup called “attar” and finally layered with cheese. Other substitutions include clotted cream, pistachios, or nuts, depending on the region.


This dessert originating from eastern India is certainly well known. Called “Rossomalai” in Bengali, this dish incorporates flattened balls of “chenna” (a type of Indian cottage cheese) soaked in clotted cream (malai) and flavoured with cardamom. The balls are then cooked in milk with saffron, pistachios, and kheer as stuffing. The origin of this sweet is almost impossible to find; however, there are varying stories. The grandsons of KC Das claim that it was invented by their grandfather in Kolkata, while the Sen brothers of Comilla claim to be the original makers of the dessert.

    Chena Poda: 

The name of this cheese dessert from the state of Odisha literally means baked cheese in the Odia language. It is made of well-kneaded chenna, sugar, and semolina and baked until it turns brown. It is known…


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