A farm produces a rare moose cheese

One of the most exotic and therefore expensive cheeses is the one made from moose milk. It is produced hard and long and only on a farm in the northern part of Sweden. On an area of ​​59 acres, the owners raise 3 moose, which bear the sonorous names of Gillian, Helga and Juna.

Animals are not milked before May and after September. contains 12% fat and 12% protein. Annually, the farm produces only 330 kilograms of it, and one kilogram costs about 300 dollars.

This is many times less than the price of donkey milk . It is made from the milk of about 100 donkeys from the Zasavica reserve, north of Belgrade. The is low-fat and one pita requires about 25 liters of donkey milk. A kilogram of it costs 500 euros.


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