Why Mexico’s Stretchy Oaxaca Cheese Stands Out From The Rest

According to The Spruce Eats, Oaxaca cheese tastes milky and mild, with a slight saltiness from the brine the cheese sits in briefly before being sold. The cheese shares many similarities with mozzarella, having a firm, rubbery texture that melts extremely well, becoming gooey and stretchy. Oaxaca cheese is also similar to what we call string cheese, its ropy strands easily pulling apart for easier piling onto sandwiches, into quesadillas, or simply piling onto a plate with other garnishes such as sliced avocado, pickled jalapeños, and crunchy tostadas to enjoy as a botana, or little snack or appetizer (via Real de Oaxaca).

As noted by Soy Oaxaca, there’s also a richer, meltier, more expensive version of queso Oaxaca that’s called doble crema or double cream. This version adds an extra quantity of cheese curds and milk solids to the cheese base, resulting in a thicker and more robust cheese that’s perfect for eating on its own, where the milkier flavor will truly stand out.


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