“Where Is The Cheese?” Angry Customer Shares Pic Of Costly But “Dry” Burger. See Viral Post

A quick stopover at McDonald’s or KFC excites us every single time. And why not? Delicious burgers at reasonable prices, can it get better than that? So when we get not-too-appetising burgers at a high price, it’s always a disappointment. The same thing happened with a customer at an Australian zoo, when she purchased an overpriced burger but actually got a rather dry burger. Miffed by the burger, she took its picture and shared it on a Reddit post, which soon went viral.  

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“This is what passes as a $17 double cheeseburger at Australia Zoo,” wrote the customer on the Reddit post. The person got this burger at a Queensland zoo in Australia. Without any sauces, salads and other accompaniments, the burger comprised just buns with just a dash of cheese and two patties inside them. 

Take a look: 

The Reddit post outraged not just the customer who bought it but also other Reddit users who saw the picture. The post has raked in almost 4k upvotes and more than 500 comments, calling it “dry”. Many people asked “where is the cheese?” to which the customer replied “didn’t taste any” and another user cheekily replied, “Just the taste of disappointment.” 

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Here are some other interesting comments that people left on the post: 

“Yet another reason I go by there regularly and will never stop there.” 

“I think they missed half the advertised name of what you ordered.”  

“Where is the sauce, the burger is bone dry.” 

“Worked there for a few years, and there was always mad pricing. I think a 600ml bottle of water went for about $3.50 or so back then.” 

“Almost thought they’d “Scrooged” you on the double cheese for a second.” 

Bloody hell aside from looking terrible that needs some sauce. 

“Looks like burnt, deep-fried bread between two slices of bread.” 

“Where’s the rest of it?” 

“For $22, I can get a bacon double…


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