We Punished Ourselves On National Chicken Tender Day With The Worst Tenders Ever!

Today we’re heading to @RaisingCanesOneLove to try their Chicken Fingers for National Chicken Tender Day!

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What's this guy doing blocking traffic Screaming at somebody what Oh you might have seen a hit and run Sixers happy Thursday today Thursday July 27th is National chicken finger day Do you have chicken fingers and today Corey and Sean the host of this show are Gonna go to Raising Cane's only the Second time we've ever been there the First time we went it was up near the Loyola campus there's only one location In Chicago now they're popping up Everywhere they're partnering with with Post Malone everything seems to be good In the so we're getting a Cop a postie cup uh so today three Tenders each some cane sauce some fries Drinks coleslaw the whole shebang for Like 11 a person so We're also innocent Street okay we're Also what we're also doing a merch shout Out all right for my cousin oh wow Kelsey kuzno nepotism she got the uh she Got the no she's next in line I know I'm Just joking I don't take kindly though You didn't like that joke it up I take It back I take it back yeah she got the Two uh the two bottle subscription I Think it's the one of each you know what I call her what's that the two the key Kelsey thank you all right guys enough Joking around time to eat some chicken Thanks Thank you

All right I got my post Malone Raising Cane's cup all right we got a bunch of Attendees some fries some cane sauce Which is like crack sauce in that bag Acquired jump cut all right my personal Favorite protein on Earth is a chicken Tender yeah all right Cory Wagner second Angle all right here's what we got a Little uh three thingy combo comes with Some some crunchy some curly with a Crinkle cut fries a little piece of Bread and then three little tender That's bad presentation it's so bad and Then the famous sauce this is what we Really want this is what we're really Looking for I don't know what it is but it's Delicious yeah the uh thing on the in There says it's the number one most Craveable sauce according to technomic Oh wow they picked a tech company yeah That's kind of an odd situation there Yeah and we're the number one Reviewers according to my mother yeah my Mom thinks we're pretty good too dude I'm gonna be honest those tenders are Wackly small dude I'm telling you let's See how mine are we oh you got better Ones than me what are you blind well Mine are so tired I guess Barrel oh These are so salty are yours crunchy Look how wet that is no it's SOG City How were they that small no this no no Well is this place so popular why we had

A bad experience way up North now we're Downtown and it's wet dude what what a Poor ew dude they're like this is like Cafeteria look at this oh the Skin's all just falling off look at that Skin falling off it's up look at mine Too it's falling off That's disturbing this is so bro air Fryer Tyson tenders look better than This oh yeah airfryer Krispies right up Also they have the world's worst fries Unseasoned crinkle cups they have no Flavor and they taste like rubber I Guess their flavor is rubber it tastes Like hot rubber Also why is the Texas toast now going to Be my favorite thing that's whack this Is whack dude I just hold these I'm Really excited to celebrate National Chicken tender day That's why they have such a good sauce They need to have a good sauce in order To mask the poor quality of their Chicken I just I feel like this must be One of those places where it really Matters what location you go to I've Seen good looking ones yeah dude this is Pissing me raise the kids if you're Watching this this can't be what you're Used to this is sad all right here we go Cheers I'm gonna try naked I mean it's got quality chicken it's Just a no crunch there's like nothing Special about it that breading is so

Whack dude like there's no crisp to it's Falling off sauce is so good the sauce Is great I don't know if it's salvages It though no you need good chicken I'm Gonna use this Texas toast Brad I'm Gonna put my tenders on it and I'm gonna Do a little bit of this is that that's a Solid move and then that way we've got At least something that looks good best Thing here so far is my orange Fanta Yeah we don't drink a lot of pop it's a Nice uh treat when you get a Fanta I got A Diet Coke Shawnee likes aspartame have Fun with all that cancer we're all gonna Get it how much was this so these combos Are like 11 and some chains whoa for These three tenders this small this is Pitiful amount of fries it's pathetic I Want to like this place so badly like I Love the idea of a fast chicken Tender spot that has like really nothing Else on the menu happy for contender day Guys I feel like I'm getting in a Hospital cafeteria the crisp is bad the Chicken is bad we were gonna do 7-Eleven's new wings and then I was like Oh it's National chicken tender day Should we do something like that so you Guys are seeing this video on Thursday We filmed this a few hours before we Posted it right so we're still bummed so If you're hanging out with us in Discord Today please send like a helping like a Message yeah send some condolences bro I

Might say that we're tender today Because it's experience I'm very tender I'm not wasting gut space on that I'm PO'd I'm pissed and I'm remissed I got The gist how can a place have such an Incredible sauce and such piss-poor food You know what let's saw this is good I Don't know if I say it's my favorite Sauce it's in my top five for sure yeah Top five I'll give it that but I think I've had better so I think I like more Standard like I'd rather have a good Honey mustard than that maybe I'm a Freak whoa who are you baby it's not so Mind-blowingly good that it like makes Up for this wet soggy crap I'm gonna Tell you right now don't go to the Raising Cane's on Michigan Avenue on the Mag mile like across from Millennium Park that was whack bro I can't imagine They're all locations like this is what The chicken is supposed to look like if We're gonna if we're gonna torture Chickens to the to the point where they Can't walk just rest to make that I'm Not for it no you're gonna make it some Churches keep them alive yeah I'm gonna Right you know I'm gonna let my morals Go a little bit I'm so sad it's a Disappointing day my guy two videos in a row over the course of A few years that I've been left saddened Kane's Chicken Fingers are they actually Using the fingers is that the problem

It's the actual Bird's fingers also I Want to say really don't like that you Have to order a combo you can get like a Side tender but why can't I just get Just five tenders like why can't I click On that I don't want the whack fries I Just want some tenders and some sauce Why do I need the drink and all that Other stuff they know their fries are so Bad like look the only way people are Getting the fries is if we force them The crinkle cut fry is the child to a Single parent it is 100 the guy wants to Get with the girl he's like look I come With the cat I got these crinkle cups Either sticking with me with your kid I'm not getting rid of the kid can I Just do the non-combo here nope I come With the kids and they're they're really Unseasoned they haven't seen much of the World very unseasoned they're annoying And uh you know you're gonna afterwards You're gonna be you're gonna feel full But not satisfied at least fun no boring As all get out super Bland vanilla even I want to go to that Cantina across the Street and rip Margaritas just to get Over this experience I wish it was National Margarita day but I drink Enough that any day could be National Whatever I wanted that if I wasn't ready For the uh analogy of the single mother To be done keep going much like some Single mothers that came from one no

Disrespect the tender may look good but Because of the trials and tribulations The body has gone through that skin is Falling off it ain't crispy like it used To be no it's like soft and melty and Smooshy it ain't good yeah absolutely All right we can coupon now if you want I don't want to Very interesting restaurant you want to Put yours in here are you saving for Later Can you imagine can you imagine saving That oh my God let me uh hey babe I'm Gonna go ahead and air fry these mushy Crinkle cut you in uh dinner's on me Tonight babe Corey let me take all this Why are you losing games why are you the Worst well I did enjoy the Fanta yeah You paid 11 bucks for it hope you liked It also this post Malone cup we got this Because we thought it was going to be Cool it was like an extra dollar fifty And it's just it's still it's still a Plastic cup I thought it was going to be One of those really cool like like a Collectors item it's not a collector Nothing about this does not look like Post Malone like I don't what is that I See an ear imprint right and the rust is Like literal it's like a one of them Blot tests yeah I'm like I don't know Road Shack situation what do you see and If you say post Malone then you like Newports yeah dude yeah that what a poor

Holiday this has been yeah dude I don't Even feel like celebrating all right Well Um let's rate it out of five but first Real quick They know what they they thank you I was Hoping that was the case all right Alex Trebek crank it thank you all right I'm Doing uh Yeah dude I don't know Wow this is gonna be a crazy score Mine too I tried to think of some Redeeming qualities in about 0.5 seconds I was like nah can't think of any all Right on the count of three Corey are You ready but the song turn off One two three yeah whoa I get a flat out Zero yeah I went point one because it Technically was chicken it technically Technically so they say I really liked The combo in the sense that the uh the Diet coke was tasty yeah their machine Wasn't where it's like spitting out Water or too much too much syrup yeah it Was good I'll get mad dude I am bummed Out all right guys do me a favor like The video I've said it before I'll say It again just because the food stuck Doesn't mean we did give us a subscribe If you want Nasty chicken skin and if you could do Me a favor and comment below let's argue What's this guy doing blocking traffic Screaming at somebody what

Holy yeah why is he telling them to turn Bro like I can go straight if he wants What was that all about unless there was An accident yeah was it a hit and run Whoa oh he's trying to he's trying to Book it oh you might have seen a hit and Run oh yeah bro I wish I would have seen The um oh yeah cause look this valet is Looking oh something happened either Somebody stole a car or that was a hit And run right it might have done like a Little side yeah I think it's probably Hit and run this guy's holy smoke oh This guy's running wow he tried to Physically stop a car with his arm and It didn't work well that was a little More exciting that was that kind of Turned my day around yeah I hope not his We should give him the rest of our Tenders Anyways a question for you guys for the Comment section what is your least Favorite fast food joint in the game I want to hear it Chicago is Education that crushes like please let Me know because I would love to enjoy it I'm gonna give it I think one more Chance yeah at some point we should do It and I want to see it done right but Yeah that's my goal anyways anyhow let's Get the F out of here we'll see you guys Guys see you soon I think peace bye Thanks for being here on a Thursday

Thank you