Volunteers sell cheese curds for a cause at Camp Randall concessions

, . () – Volunteers work concession stands at the Wisconsin Badger football games at to make money for non-profit organizations.

Fans like said cheese curds are essential on game day.

”There a good Wisconsin tradition, it’s really important and nice to have them at the game!” Shaw said.

Volunteer worked the concession stands for 20 years. He sells cheese curds for a cause. The money he makes goes to St. Lighthouse Ministries. The organization is a non-profit that helps fund education in Belize.

Hoffman said most fans are unaware that volunteers are the people serving soda, popcorn and cheese curds.

He said it’s hard work, and fewer volunteers participated in the last three years, but things turned around in 2022.

”It’s somewhat of a struggle but we’ve been hitting our numbers for the most part,” he said. ”There are a lot of dedicated people that I reach out to that always seem to come through.”

One fan was surprised to find out volunteers were raising money for non-profits so he paid them a $500 tip.

“It makes it all worth it,” Hoffman said.

Fan learned about the non-profits during the Badger vs. Gopher axe game.

”That’s great!” Shaw said. “I have a non-profit foundation of my own and it’s really important that people support those kinds of things and it’s wonderful that they’re able to work here, raise money for their organizations and do great work for Wisconsin.”

Hoffman said 20 other non-profits also volunteer throughout the season.

He predicted St. would make $4,000 to $5,000 after Saturday’s game.

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