Virtual Kid-Friendly Kitchens : chuck e cheese 2

Chuck and Virtual Dining Concepts are announcing the opening of . More than 400 Chuck restaurants produce ’s products, which are accessible via outside delivery services. Only available for delivery, offers specially crafted cuisine influenced by the characters on the LankyBox YouTube channel. Menu items include spicy BBQ-loaded fries with melted cheddar , Korean BBQ sauce, pepperoni, and jalapenos, personal pan pizzas, twice-baked wings, ’s Brownie Cookie, and Colorful Churros, among others.

A QR code that leads to a hidden movie is also featured on the special packaging for LankyBox Kitchen, which also features the Foxy and Boxy characters. Social media and TV commercials will be aired on Chuck Cheese televisions at its physical store locations in order to promote the brand.

Image Credit: Chuck E. Cheese


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