US Woman Sues Company For $5 Million As Her Mac And Cheese Took Over 3.5 Minutes To Make

Amanda Ramirez is seeking $5 million in damages.

A woman in the United States is suing American company, Kraft Heinz, for $ 5 million just because her microwavable mac and cheese took longer than the specified time to cook. 

Amanda Ramirez from South Florida filed the lawsuit in US District for the Southern District of Florida’s Miami Division on November 18. In the suit, she accused Kraft Heinz Co., the maker of the cheesy cups, of deceptive and unfair trade practices. 

Ms Ramirez alleged that the firm violated federal law by saying Velveeta microwavable mac and cheese cups take 3.5 minutes to prepare. As per The Washington Post, she claimed that the company indulged in false advertising and in propagating misleading information. 

“Consumers seeing ‘ready in 3.5 minutes’ will believe it represents the total amount of time it takes to prepare the Product, meaning from the moment it is unopened to the moment it is ready for consumption,” her complaint argued.

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Ms Ramirex also alleged that Kraft Heinz Co. has been able to charge a premium price – $10.99 for eight cups – by claiming that the snack takes only 3.5 minutes to make. In her lawsuit, she laid out the steps on the back of the package and said that the directions “show that 3-and-a-half minutes is just the length of time to complete one of several steps”. 

The complaint read that a truthful label would have stated that the product takes 3.5 minutes to cook in the microwave. As per the Post, the lawsuit accused the company of fraud, false and misleading advertising, breach of express warranty, negligent and misrepresentation and unjust enrichment, along with violations of laws barring deceptive and unfair trade practices. 

On the other hand, Kraft Heinz Co., in a statement to the outlet, said that it was aware of the “frivolous lawsuit” and “will strongly defend against the allegations in the complaint”. 

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