This cheese-based parking threat caused a bit of a stink

When someone parks in a selfish way, some people let them know with a strongly worded note about consideration, safety etc.

Others up the ante with a bit of creative threatening. Like this.

This Cheese-based Parking Threat Caused A Bit Of A Stink

That would be an expensive but delightfully petty response.

The poster, u/Ok_Cut_5257, added –

Imagine how funky that cheese would be with someone carrying it around in their car all the time waiting for the right moment . Is this how blue cheese is made? .

A few comments stood out like a stinky cheese at a buffet.

I like to imagine someone saw one of those pranks with sticky notes and legitimately though it was sliced cheese ever since.

It’s gonna brie nasty!

I’d be pretty cheesed off if that happened to me.

Bologna will take off or discolour … just sayin.

u/TempusFuggio thought it might be more of a promise than a threat.

Some people wouldn’t consider this a punishment.

Park badly. Hide in bush. Emerge to harvest free cheese.

It’s an unconventional way to shop, but it could work.


This public parking beef just gets better with each new note

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