Think Everything’s Better With Cheese on Top? You Need One of These Cheese Graters in Your Life

Let’s be honest — who doesn’t love ? It’s most likely the best part of so many of your favorite , from homemade pizza and nachos to a tasty dash of dairy tossed in a salad. And a lot of work goes into making a quality block of , from the cows that make the milk to the dairy farmers and manufacturers who get it to your grocery store shelves. So why are you undoing all that effort by subjecting that delicious cheese to a cheap grater that delivers a dreadful shredding?

You may think, “A cheese grater is such a niche kitchen gadget, it only does one thing. So I can get by with a cheap, functional grater.” But has come a long way, baby! Not only can many cheese graters offer multiple functions, either on their own or in tandem with other appliances as an attachment — but even in its primary purpose, not all graters are created equal.

Much like trying to saw a plank with a dull blade, grating cheese with a cheap, generic grater will result in both what you’re cutting off and what you’re cutting from looking like a mess, and a bunch of dusty residue getting everywhere (though cheese dust is inarguably a tastier residue than sawdust). Investing in a quality cheese grater — one that fits your needs, your kitchen, and your budget — can help ensure you get exactly the kind of shredded cheese you need, every single time.

The Best Cheese Graters

What to Consider

Manual or Electric: Like virtually every kitchen gadget these days, there are indeed electric cheese graters, created with the intention of eliminating manual labor from the act of shredding cheese. In most cases, these electric graters are , like processors or attachments to appliances like stand mixers. However, these electric graters have yet to dominate the cheese grater space the way other electrified appliances have regularly supplanted their manual counterparts. Whether that’s due to expense, lack of space in the case of…


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