The perfect wine and cheese pairings you need to try this Christmas

If you’re looking for the perfect wine and cheese pairings for this year’s Christmas celebrations, you’ll be pleased to hear that the wide range of versatile flavours and combinations available to purchase means that there is something for everyone, and finding the perfect pairing is much easier than you might think. 

Below, the drink specialists at The Bottle Club reveal their top tips on finding the best wines and cheese pairings guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication to any soiree you plan on hosting this festive season.

Camembert with chardonnay

Chardonnay and camembert make an unbelievably perfect partnership in the run up to Christmas. The key with the pairing is to find a wine (such as chardonnay) that will augment but not overwhelm the delicate flavours within the dish, and one sip of a dry Chardonnay can cut through the rich creaminess of the cheese. 

The subtle fruit flavours in the wine also give a good depth of flavour and character,  yet won’t be overwhelmed by the camembert, or vice-versa. In fact, both items enhance each other perfectly.

Pairing suggestions: Cloudy Bay Chardonnay

There’s nothing quite like arranging a night in with your closest friends to enjoy a good helping of wine and cheese.

Aged cheeses with a French red

The key to finding the perfect wine combination is simply to match the food qualities with the wine qualities and experiment with what works best for your own palette. The rule of thumb is that wines should be more acidic and sweeter than the foods you are choosing to pair them with. 

Cheese becomes richer in flavour as it ages thanks to an increased fat content and loss of water. This makes them ideal for matching with  bold red wines, as the increased fat will counteract the high tannins in the wine. 

French reds, such as merlot, gama and syrah, and aged cheese such as cheddar, gruyère, manchego, gouda, provolone, or parmesan-style varieties like parmigiano-reggiano and…


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