The “Grocery Store” Ranch Dressing Showdown: Newman’s Own vs. Hidden Valley vs. Wishbone vs. Ken’s

Today it’s a #RanchDressing showdown between @NewmansOwnFdn @ #WishboneRanch and @KensDressing in a #BlindTasteTest

Who will win?! FIND OUT TODAY. These are the four highest selling ranch dressings at our grocery store.

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Do you name this yet I don't like the Standing episodes because it proves how Hobbiting perhaps you need to say that You feel good on this particular morning There we go oh you can just see all of This lucky I mean there's not much there Well well we're back with another Mystery welcome to mystery Mondays Ladies and gentlemen and also we want to Give a shout out to Robert cabbage who Jumped up from the five dollar tier to The 10 tier on patreon thank you Robert It's time to get mysterious I don't know How I feel about the Monday mystery Thing we got the brain let's brain shop That with you guys hey would you guys Come up with a better name all right Let's go let's crowdsters Foreign [Music] That's right whatever you want to call It it doesn't matter uh not too long ago We did some of the best Ranches and we did a blind taste test And damn it KFC's buttermilk ranch was My favorite I don't remember what his Was I actually think I like that the Best yeah it's a really good ranch today We're gonna do a store-bought these are The four highest selling store ranches At the Jewel Osco here in Chicago our Main grocery oh your calves gonna feel After this oh I'm trying to get taller Babies I was waiting for you to realize

That I in the inside In the intro I did this that's hilarious I'm trying to be like you dude this is Sick oh it hurts though okay so the four Ranches we have today that we're gonna Blind taste test Hidden Valley Hidden Valley Kansas No cans tens Newman Zone Newman's Own a Former great show on PBS Wishbone What's the story Wishbone so those are The four All right so what we're gonna do we're Gonna dunk these in Kylie off camera We're in the other room doing it Um and she uh is always our producer on These we don't know what the order is We'll do a reveal at the end yeah let's Crack a beer though oh well hope for the Best No not too bad I didn't mind also shoot Cheers who are we drinking today we've Got Ravinia brewing companies truck Pilsner a delicious pilsner made from Tilson molts 4.9 alcohol by volume and 23 ibus why does this just say sunshine Sunshine this batch features Sunshine Um you should probably close up your Brewery and not have all that light get In there I think the light can affect The Brewing process yeah that's uh wow That was actually pretty smart and also Um that'll be our palette cleanser for The day yes which I'm starving me too Let's get into this want to go for

Number one yup we got Wingstop chicken Wings they're pretty pretty good Boneless wings for a chain those are Nuggets nuggets whatever you want to Call them man they taste the same keep Being fat America we don't care at America Hey fat America cheers whoa All right they're pretty good Ranch I Mean a ranch I like all Ranch Okay A little blandish maybe kind of boring Um not allowing me at all no but Ranch Is kind of like that thing there's Really not a bad Branch all right all Right I was going to let you start with One that didn't like knock my socks off All right number two This one's got a little more specklings Yeah the these middle two definitely do A little more a little thicker too Like I like that taste a little better Wow okay yeah is it too strong for you No it's just like you said I mean that First one is so like kind of Anticlimactic this one's like globby Probably but Okay let me get this third one here [Music] Wow That's almost Target's officer or Something yeah it's way there's way more Going on oh wow are you really like cell Phone tower Um service we're going kind of up yeah

Very bars right now all right I'm gonna Do another little bit I like to go the other end No fun I um Now that we're becoming sommeliers of Ranch that one's got even more Buttermilk in it I think this one uh Less specklings well yeah back to the Bland speckles Foreign By that flavor though it's a little more Toned down than this but this is a Little too much for me right yeah Now I don't know if this is true but I Kind of think that the ranches Had more flavor and feeling like two of These are really boring to me And remember those other ones kind of All were pretty good yeah I wonder if The fat food one didn't really have to Have you're not really looking at your Ingredients list on there Right I like this battery I think my favorite I'm gonna go back and forth between [Music] Um Calculating calculating did your parents Buy growing up like for The fridge probably I never use a phone Do you remember I was gonna say you Remember what brand that would get my I Oddly remember my dad buying Wishbone

Ranch really when I saw the store when I Bought these I was like oh yeah forgot About that company and then a wave of Nostalgia hit me okay what's the fattest Thing you could do Dipping Cool Ranch Doritos straight up In mayo yeah that's pretty fat okay Let's see is this flavor overload too Much or is the blend too little I like that Too much flavor all right I've got my Ramping This one's oddly easier than I thought It was going to be yeah me too I think They were definitive enough flavor wise Yeah eating drunken and eating Ranch What a career go ahead and do yours Fourth through first what was your least Was your worst one okay take a look here Ladies and gentlemen this is what we got My first place one everyone first or What'd you say sorry I stopped listening Fourth yeah go last for last place first Last place I had the third one it was Too much oh okay I did not like that Yeah third place I had the first one it Was two blonde yeah blonde two black I Thought blonde just kind of meant like Too basic two two yeah yeah basically Yeah then For third for second place I had the Second one and then for first place I Had the fourth one wow we're so so Different

So I'm really realizing that and this is The same thing that happened to KFC win I love a really overdone Ranch I like it Tasting like almost novelty so my fourth Place was the first one it was just very Boring to me uh my third place was the Fourth one that was a little bit better But still boring these two just stuck Out so much to me uh number two was my Was my second place maybe the same Second place oh okay that's good and Then my first place was your last place Yeah the big old fat boy so much so much Dude um I better kind of dig that yeah Especially for nuggets maybe different For a salad whoever puts Ranch in a Salad and calls it healthy that to me Was like the most Ranch smacking thing Yeah it was the most rich making the Face I'm excited for this reveal now so This is gonna be an order of what they Are based on what's in front of it yeah Do you want to do the odds see what we Got first time scene for us boom here we Go whoa okay so I love Hidden Valley you Hated Hidden Valley I hated him that's Really uh upsetting yeah and then what Else we got Wishbone which is a pretty Popular brand I had that as third place Okay so my two favorites I mean Ken's And then my number one was the big Flavor bomb was Newman's Own which I Don't I just you remember Zone that was My last place one right that was my

Flavor this is the most flavorful Ranch Yes of these four I think so yes wow Yeah wow that's incredible and then I Felt uh I feel like I've always liked Ken's pretty good like they're they're Lined up of stuff so that kind of checks Out yeah it's pretty high my rant my Jets Ranch being my least favorite in The other video yeah and now Hidden Valley which I feel like is kind of like The the gold standard the gold standard Of ranch is my fourth wow we're learning A lot mine's blown mine's blown guys Don't forget to like this video it helps A lot uh subscribe to the channel we put Videos out every single weekday how About today what is your favorite Store-bought Ranch let's hear it that's The thing though it's like you maybe you Need to do this at home and put it Against some others what I'm I kind of Want to do in the future is take what we Thought the best was and keep that in The lineup and bring in some more Ranches and kind of keep doing this Throughout next year and at one point We're going to have the like the Tournament of Champions of ranch yep so Yeah let us know what that is we'll see You very soon for another video thanks For ranching with us sure I'll have a drink Bye guys See you see you tomorrow