The Definitive Guide To the BEST Store Bought BBQ Sauce | Original Flavors

Today we’re trying the type 4 highest selling Original flavor BBQ Sauces from our local @jewelosco. That’s means we’re putting Kraft vs Sweet Baby Rays vs @Stubbsbbq vs Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce!




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Oh hey guys it's time for another Mystery Monday [Music] Today we're doing another lineup of Sauces blinds because we don't know what They're going to be of barbecue sauces Grocery store barbecue sauces glad You're here and we're doing a shout out Today this one's a merch shout out for Mr Chuck Gordon who got the burger T-shirt and a bottle of six or sauce Shout out to you good sir oh what a Great Monday it is to start the week With the help of our producer Homeless Girl over there uh we got four different Sauces from the grocery store we've got Sweet baby rays we've got craft we've Got Bullseye and we've got Tubs stubs stubs I remember going Chuck Peterson Stubbs uh so this was the Person that stocks our grocery store for The show these are the four they sell The most of just original no like Hickory or sweet and Smoky just original Barbecue sauces so we're gonna take These Wingstop boneless ring Wings we're Gonna dip them and we're gonna pick Which one we think is the best we're Gonna rank them and then we'll do a Reveal can I ask a favor of you Absolutely good sir do you mind if I Take a quick moment to describe the beer We're drinking so that we can justify The fact that it's a tax right off to

The Uncle Sam and make sure that he Knows that we're reviewing these yeah That's not just an excuse for us to Write off our beers that we like to Drink Corey what are we drinking today And reviewing hey we've got the beer of Beers from solemn oath Brewing this is Their coal style ale called Lube Kind of like a periodic element theme They got going that's more of the shield And if you flip it on the other side oh That's kind of the table you know the Periodic table absolutely man I've Looked learning I've seen it once or Twice okay Um I love colches right now too these Are great straight up like an actual Beer review it's kind of my like light Beer of choice right now I see a close Tab handle I go Yeah no No pull that off Can I see some ID but anyways delicious Beer that's going to be the palette Cleanser today and let's get into it Let's do it let's do some barbecue sauce Duncan we are barbecue sauce Professionals we've done multiple Campaigns with sweet baby rays we have Uh can I pick it out of a lineup can we Pick another lineup my guess is no yeah We've been pretty bad at taking out of Lineups my tongue sucks cheers Um that's good very sugary damn that's

Good it's so sugary all right damn it Great start Okay that I just love barbecue sauce That one was real chunky thick oh this One's got a nice little gleam to it Green glisten let's just choose only the First okay Oh different that one's got a little More candy-ness to it I like candy it Got me in trouble A lot of times in my YouTube Hey there was one rule as a kid You had to follow don't take the candy From strangers all right I'm really Loving this video so far this one by far The least like similar to the others in Terms of look the look it's way more red In terms of a light red instead of a Brownish and there's not really a Cohesion there's like red and brown it's Almost like it was it's mixed more Watery oh oh whoa whoa whoa a little bit Of heat to that I don't think I like That one is there heat there's a taste That I'm like do I like that or do I Hate that that is so different than the First tail yeah I don't know if I dig That that's if I want barbecue sauce I Don't think that's what I'm going for Now I have a hunch which one that is Really only because of like what I kind Of know it's used for but I could let's Be honest have you watched me on this Show for years so wrong so many times All right numero cuatro let's see

I like smelling it yo Oh wow okay the first two were so Similar and I think my favorite tool I Need to do another drive by yeah that One also real Candy finish this is the Hardest I've ever worked just that Reaction that's just like gutter oh yeah I love the first one that would be so Good on a pulled pork sandwich wow okay I already know these are my top film I'm Not as like sold on like the first one Being my favorite it's gonna be like Kind of a battle here the real battle Was one and two life has a lot of Conundrums and we're solving one of Those today yeah this is so tough Between one and two that's a real Sophie's Choice Wow they're both so good hey check this Out I'm also going to uh try a new mode Where you switch beer around in your Mouth like it's mouthwash Swallow the foam Okay yeah I feel like that's like the um The alcohol version of ginger What's the type of Your ass like you said I know it's worth Three and four Let Live there's no way I'd ever pick those over those two yeah So I had the one the second one then I Swished now I went to one so now I'm Like you said having them out of order And I think it's helping a lot it's the Most fun I've ever had on Monday this is

Great okay I feel good looks like we Need to uh do a little rank in here I Feel like we could be a little different But I think we're gonna be able to I Think we're gonna be a little different But I don't think we're gonna be that Different okay I feel good about that Also if you guys haven't ever had Boneless plain Wingstop wings and just Kind of had fun with your own sauces Give it a go okay Um now the Moment of Truth uh is to Reveal our order I always let Corey go First Corey take it away there's my note Card so you can't call me a liar I got It right there for you to pause and look At I'm going second place that's where I Think we differ okay first place love That one last place third place I think That's is it the same exact same it's Close these two are close you want to do The reveal yeah or do you need a Time I Liked how you said Um so you know I didn't you weren't Lying I want to show that that's exactly What I had look at that that's just Cory And shot at our finest never really Agreeing but today agreeing today green To me opposite two weeks ago you saw the Ranch video where I like a lot of Buttermilk brand I want it to like hit Me yeah this I said this one was 2 2 little two it was kind of like a Little too sweet where if I had a lot of

It I think I'd start to be like oh where This one toned it down a little bit so That's why I ended up doing seconds I Respect that I expect that all right we Ready for a reveal I'm so excited all Right let's see what we got a little Nervous because we have done camping I'm Really hoping this is Sweet Baby Ray's But what do I care Yeah people are gonna think that totally No I don't care dude on this channel Like wow I thought this was gonna be This one oh my God that stops that's my Least favorite one oh I thought this was Gonna be my first favorite doesn't this Guy just look like he knows how to make Barbecue also the glass bottle an Original crap so this actually now that I've looked at it didn't you say this is Significantly cheaper than all these yes Absolutely this was like the guy at the Store said that that one sells on bulk This is the one I think everyone should Buy then I think these were close enough In flavor yeah if I'm looking at these In the store I'm buying this one because It's cheaper I'm so shocked that's crazy Okay well that's just science right There all right guys don't forget to Like the video subscribe to the channel And to comment below get a little Conversation go and comment what your Favorite store-bought barbecue sauce is We did The Originals maybe we'll do one

Of your flavor profiles next uh and We'll see in our next video peace sure I'll drink bye bye [Music]