Save Your Money: Why the McDonald’s Bacon Ranch McCrispy Chicken Sandwich Missed the Mark

Today we’re headed to @ to try their new Bacon Ranch McCrispy Chicken Sandwich! Watch the video and see if it’s worth the price tag.




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Sixers internet what's up I'm in the Driver's seat today the uh the Kia is With Homeless girl so that's why we're Doing this today the bacon ranch Mcrispie sandwich is now at McDonald's For a limited time they rebranded their Chicken sandwich to the mcrispie so We're gonna eat it it's 6.49 a piece Glad you're here yeah guys and we also Want to do a quick patreon shout out for Garrett Lennox he's doing the 35 tier Which means not only is he getting Videos early but he's also getting if he Wants this shirt he can go buy it you Guys can't if he wants this he can go Buy it you guys can't we got all of our Old gear minus there's a couple that Aren't in production anymore because of You know suppliers 91.2 of us a solid Amount of all of our old set gear Including maybe the most requested the Eat it shirt yes it's all on there He can snag it if you want to build a Snag any old merch sign up for patreon And get yourself a shout out grab some Old merch enjoy early content That's all it is driving montage [Music] Foreign [Music] Can I do two bacon ranch MC crispy Sandwiches please thank you [Music] All right there they are the McDonald's

Bag two of the bacon mcrispie bacon Ranch mcrispies acquired jump cut all Right Sixers on the dash with the two Beanies second angle all Right we've got they took a page out of Popeye's book we got the little uh oven Mini oven mini oven yeah let's take it Out all right interesting looking bun Open her up some little weak pieces of Bacon we've got some of their crispy Ranch on there so it's decent amount I Guess little tiny kind of a DOT of a Chicken fillet but I mean we'll wait for The taste and then uh pickles and more Of the ranch sauce I'm glad they double Layer the ranch yeah I like that I guess This sandwich did really well for them Really the regular chicken when they Redid it so like they're really putting A lot into it it just didn't have a good Branding all right yeah mine looks a Little I mean worse than Corey's I would Say Um but we'll see is the flavor there for The price all right the lto limited time Only bacon ranch mcrispie cheers Mmm I've got a good flavor yeah Absolutely nothing wrong with the flavor Ours is just so sad looking it's really Sad looking in the chicken's super weak Like yeah it tastes great here's the Problem Popeyes is making such a good Chicken sandwich for five bucks I think This is like kind of a the taking the

Place of the McChicken which was always Trash but that was okay because it was Cheap yeah now Popeye's is doing it so Cheap yeah it's just like I don't know I Mean I do like the flavor I'm not gonna Lie flavor's not bad I'm actually not a Big bacon on chicken sandwich person Like I love bacon don't get me wrong I Actually don't think chicken sandwiches Need bacon I'm off the bacon train Fresh Sandwiches almost completely they almost Always especially at fast it's Always the thin little Trash bacon it Sounds amazing you almost never get Bacon flavor I would rather have the McChicken than this because of the price Like to me like this isn't doing Anything Leaps and Bounds ahead of her Flavor and crispiness that like what's The price difference that's what I want To look up I'm gonna guess what the McChicken is if they make chicken's like Two bucks I bet it's 229 that's gonna be My gas so we're reviewing this right in The McDonald's parking lot so I'm going To click this McDonald's in Lincoln Park Chicago and the McChicken here is 229 229 yeah so you can get what two and a Half of these right they're two and a Half McChickens so yeah like not bad I Just it tastes better than McChicken but It's not like the Popeyes one's still Cheaper so why wouldn't you just go There and the KFC one too that's so much

Better but McDonald's has both burgers And chicken yeah like if you're here It's nice you can do both you can't do That at the other places yeah I'm gonna Do a little extra sauce you want Something absolutely six your head up a Little bit they make a specific thing do Not microwave the sandwich in this bag Yeah Flames will happen Thank you you're welcome this is gonna Make it so much better this hot sauce And Ranch in general is like pretty fire Yes it is Oops yeah that's good absolutely so good Make mediocre sandwiches better with six Or sauce isn't that right let me read a Text from uh my buddy this morning he's Uh currently in the dating pool after a Long relationship so he's having some Fun you ready for your day to be made me Yes him so currently hanging out with This chick that loves breakfast foods And hot sauce I had her try some number Six with cheese sticks or sauce in her Bacon egg and cheese this morning and She effing loved it I said marry her Today do you need Vegas Chapel venue Ideas and he said can you fly in to be a Witness although she did agree that the Regular is better than the hotter Because it's much more flavorful I like The breakdown from a random person I Don't know her name sure she's lovely Yeah but endorsement from her I'll take

It dude you know I went back to Toledo This weekend yeah I went to pizza cat Okay I wanted to like featuring a vlog Because they're awesome yeah dude there Saw me not Matt not the guy we met the Guy who owns that particular one I went To recognized me that's amazing comp the and threw an extra pizza oh my God What a legend that's incredible I hope They're watching this yeah no kidding And for you they just open a location Detroit really do you know what like in Detroit Detroit you know in Greek Town Oh wow he's like it's he's like it's Technical like people from Detroit might Say like that's not Detroit it's the Suburbs but it's like really close to The casino great I think Greektown is Absolutely that's what I was like oh Yeah it's like it's just that's like the Heart of oh yeah absolutely that's That's exciting dude dude I'm going to Detroit for my brother's shower and then For my brother's wedding he's finally Showering he's the first time after a Big wrestling match no but like that's Such good information to have I want to Like have my dad try something oh yeah He comes in for the wedding he would Love pizza cap yeah dude I think that's Probably my top 10 pizzas ever it's Pretty great all right before we go Ahead and rate this out of five uh let's Go ahead and give it one last breakdown

And um compare that to chicken Sandwiches on the market the price you Guys heard me say I think the flavor was Great if you don't have a Popeyes near You if you don't have a KFC near you McDonald's your only thing and you Really want something that tastes better Than a McChicken that absolutely tastes Better than the chicken it's not the Most insane price they're just really Getting screwed because Popeyes is Selling things for so freaking cheap and It still is better the bacon doesn't Come through the ranch flavor does so so There it is overall I think that Sandwich was like too small for being Like a signature thing I just think that It's nice there's a chicken League games Yeah I'm never gonna get that again I Would rather get a couple McChickens for Less money than that for that's my Personal opinion yeah I just don't that Did nothing for me taste was fine but 650 is rough so Alex you're back is that Cool yeah let me crank it okay [Music] Oh [Music] I don't know what I do Yeah all right cut that off on the count Of three Corey are you ready yup Reveal Your scores one two three Yeah silence end up going three yeah it Was still tasty I just yeah it was

Really it was price and I guess the fact I never get it again it's kind of a big Thing all right guys thanks for watching The video make sure you like this video Subscribe to the channel it's a huge Huge huge help and then a comment so we Can hang out down in the comment section What would your build be for your Chicken sandwich I love that what are You putting on top what sauce are you Using what ingredients we getting in There and let's just all imagine we're Gonna start with a big Popeyes base yeah Yeah that's unspoken we're not using That piece of trash not at all like if They brought you in as the innovator for McDonald's kitchen and this is the MCU Whatever your name is this is gonna be Your sandwich yeah and you're gonna make Billions billions dude because the chef Gets a piece of the yeah they're Probably not good all right anyways um Guys we'll be back very soon for another Video thank you for being here and um Coming up next week Italy we're going to Italy uh very pumped on that so our Videos next week beginning won't be Italy but then we'll be live and all of A sudden you'll be like whoa yeah Monday Tuesday normal and then whoa the rest of The week right yeah you're like whoa What the fluid Italian you learned it Already ah dude all right genius we'll See you soon uh comment below we love

You guys [Music] Thank you