Salute to Idaho Agriculture: The Cheese Channel

TWIN FALLS, (/KSVT) — Everyone loves a holiday spread with all your favorite meats, cheeses, and other snacks.

The marketing team at Dairy West was looking for a fun way to incorporate local products this holiday season.

“The U-Log channel came up and we thought, ‘gosh is there something we can do that just features cheese?,” said from Dairy West.

Thus, the was born.

“Part of our goal was letting people know that cheese is local. You know, there is a real push for people to buy local, support local,” said Spence.

A collection of cheeses from across and are featured on screen.

But not only can you marvel at the beauty of the spread and calming fireplace setting, the page acts as a one stop shop for dairy products and information.

“What you see behind me is the streaming video and you see a variety of different cheese platters. As you start to scroll down, you’ll see things related to cheese,” said Spence.

First, you can find links to the providers associated with Dairy West… then… you can find pairings and recipes that go with the cheese you order. For Spence and Diary West… the page works to continue the company’s mission of promoting dairy products.

“I know for me, when I go to the grocery store and I know that I’m picking up cheese that is produced locally, it feels really good. I feel like I get to enjoy something and I’m supporting local. This whole concept as it came together feel really in line with our mission,” said Spence.


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