Pop-up cheese store a harbinger of things to come at Bridgewater Mill

The pop-up cheese store that Plymouth Artisan Cheese Company opened at the Bridgewater Mill over the holidays is a small sign of big things to come for the historic mill complex.

Jesse and Sarit Warner purchased a 75-percent share of the mill site from Jireh Billings and Adriana Curutchet in March. The remainder of the complex is owned by Charles Shackleton, whose furniture and pottery production facilities occupy about 25 percent of the property. As the principal owner, the Plymouth Artisan Cheese Company, which has its own production and retail sales facility in the historic cheese factory at the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site in Plymouth, is functioning as the landlord and manager for the iconic mill building. Current tenants include Ramunto’s Pizza, the Bridgewater U.S. Post Office, a hair salon, and multiple artists’ and writers’ studios. The mill also hosts the Woolen Mill Comedy Club.

The opening of Plymouth Cheese’s temporary pop-up retail outlet at the mill earlier this month presages the Werners’ long-term plans for the building. 

Read more in the December 29 edition of the Vermont Standard.


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