People Sounded Off About a Twin Chili Cheese Dog Pack at an Office Vending Machine » TwistedSifter

You have to be a brave soul to eat certain things out of vending machines.

Sure, candy and soda and chips are usually all fine, but what about a chili dog?

Yeah, that’s kind of pushing it…

And a TikTokker named Chrissy shared a video of a twin chili cheese dog pack in the vending machine at her work that looks pretty suspect.

@thelapofluxuryAin’t no fawking way, boy♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

One person who saw the video said,

“That will have your stomach making washing machine sounds.”

Another viewer added,

“It’s giving three day sick leave.”

And a TikTokker commented,

“‘One bite and my body would shut down.”

Folks, the life lesson today is JUST SAY NO…to chili dogs out of vending machines, that is…


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