Our honest thoughts of Pizza Hut’s *NEW* $7 “Melts” Copycat of Papa John’s $6 Papadia

Today we’re at #PizzaHut eating their new #PizzaHutMelts promotional item of the Pepperoni Lovers variety. This is a #CopycatRecipe of their competitor yet more expensive and worse, which is just immediately comical.

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You guys hello hope you’re doing what I Like that I like that as you know we Like to give away a hot sauce a sixer Sauce an original mild sixer sauce on The show to a lucky fan all you have to Do is like the video subscribe to the Channel and then send a screen grab on Your phone to our at we like to pick one Winner today we’re gonna do that exact Thing we’ve got it all in its own folder Now so here I’m gonna I’m not looking up And down up and down up and down bam Yeah Mike Allen Mike Allen oh god look You did a couple entries too this is Great Mike LM you’re right on there uh Oh my god oh yeah this is a good one He’s literally entered every week so Mike Allen about to message you right Now thank you so much be like Mike Oh that’s be like Mike like like that They don’t know it’s like that resting Them a little bit onto the up Zone let’s Go You guys welcome back to today another video another I Dare I say fast food pizza place uh Papa John’s in the papadia Pizza Hut’s got The Melt so some people were asking We’re gonna do it they’re seven bucks Glad you’re here also guys don’t forget New sweatshirt out on the website buy it When you can number six cheese.com let’s Get to the food

[Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you have a good one [Music] Pepper is no longer free with your Purchase it’s 89 cents if you’re Wondering in that bag right there two of The melts same flavor we’re twinsies Together acquired jump cut all right how About a food review hey let’s do it they Got four different varieties of these Cory’s gonna show you uh what we got ’s second angle go solo with The new melt I like that it’s nice it’s Got its own branding and then we open Her up and boom it’s got It’s just like A folded Pizza it’s got the season the Seasoning all over the crust we got the Pepperoni you can kind of see it in There a little bit just that coagulated Gross looking cheese and then um yeah I Mean there’s pepperonis in there you can Also get meat lovers and uh chicken parm And another another one and uh yeah a Little sidekara a sauce we got there too How do you feel just with looking at This based on the price of seven bucks For that yeah this looks about as Filling as a new burger that’s seven Bucks I don’t know yeah that’s a good Way to put it I mean it’s no five dollar

Hot and ready it is nice but yeah you Can’t really it’s tough to complain They’ve won the title for so long what The f what that old man just littered Really where he’s in a wheelchair he Just went by he’s like well there’s Other trash here and just dropped some Of his trash with the other trash That guy is definitely said stay off my Lawn get off my Wall it definitely let us tell you that It’s a cold day in hell if you’re ever Going to see me later one time I ran and Picked up a piece of trash I saw someone Throw on the ground I was like hey you Dropped this and they turned around and They were like actually about to die it Was the oldest living human I’ve ever Seen wow and I felt guilty like bro just Let the old Actually in that moment about to die let This old hag litter this is probably Your last moment on Earth dude good work People don’t use the word hag enough Anymore that’s a fact and then real Quick on the big camera hey we got it Might as well use it the seasoning’s Popping off you got yeah this is about Oh yeah this is about two slices of Pizza if you really looked at it and Then folded so kind of like four pieces Of pizza but with less stuff yeah that’s That’s my medical analysis a good Breakdown yeah that’s kind of what I’m

Thinking what do you guys think just our First look like a wedding first look you Don’t think they’re not able to get what Through the camera that I think I can Get in real life smell I have to smell This like hard crispy bit it almost Seems deep fried it’s it does almost Almost like a Panzerotti yeah but you Know what those are no I’m just from Context Clues like a deep fried piece of Pizza we did a little meatball Pizzeria I got one I don’t remember me sucking Down a Panzerotti um but yes you’re Absolutely right this compared to the Papadia from my memory way crispy Already crispier looking are you gonna Eat it naked then dip or go dip right Away the dips here I would dip in real Life I don’t know why I should skip it I’m gonna skip two I agree I’m gonna Skip the naked and go for the dip all Right you ready for this yeah all right Cheers Cheers a melt kind of a boring Name yeah Okay Pretty good I like depressed This is gonna sound I don’t know if this Sounds dumb or not probably dumb I’m on A little bit of a tear right now but Dare I say not enough stuff in it um I Bit it and I just kind of felt a little Thinness yeah I was curious if that was First bite problems it’s like biting the

A burger when it’s nothing but bun yeah This is the pizza Dilla yeah right how Come they never make quesadillas with Sausage you throw some tomato sauce in There they call it a pizza dealer what You think what is going It is more manageable it needs more Stuff now for seven bucks yeah The crispy Krust is great the seasonings On it delicious lots of cheese but I Just need more girth yeah I think you’re Right and all fat some facets of my life I need more girth but seriously like Also this is a very familiar taste like The sauce from Pizza Hut is just so Familiar so it’s got that like kind of Nostalgic hug I just want more of it Needs the sauce I just did a bite Especially towards the middle there Seems to be less stuff yeah the bite in The middle without sauce is pretty Boring How about some hot or six or sauce my Friend I might as well do some you’re Definitely right on the lack of Internals it needs more internals The Marvel sequel to eternals they’re Gonna do a video so do a movie about This melt anymore guts it’s more guts Don’t bomb yourself I know oh that Sticks are bomb call that a 69. you got Sound effect in there yeah I know I’m Capping though so I’m gonna put more on It I’ll tell you what’s not a good sign

My favorite part about this is the sauce Is the I couldn’t agree more not the six Or sauce though the copper sauce Pizza Hut sauce like how Little Caesars close There’s crazy sauce 200 Pizza Hut’s got A boring name for theirs seeing as They’re horrible at naming stuff That’s a man in a skirt with a crown of Thorns Oh my God it is What is that like That was odd it was on the staff yeah I’m just underwhelmed they’re especially Because I had had the papadia why make Uh why three years later make a Competitor the papadia and do it worse And more expensive I think the papa D is Six bucks this should have hit the test Kitchen and then they should have Reevaluated like I’m sure people are Eating they’re not just making the food In The Test Kitchen they’re eating it Too right yeah you would think they Didn’t take a bite out of that and go Now look you go back to the drawing Board can you imagine if people and food Like didn’t I would just look at it and It looks great it looks good yeah this Is a weird one to me I think it was very Public knowledge that Papa John’s was Like cleaning up with the amount of Money they made on that popping yeah I Think it was like one of their highest Selling items ever it was really good

It’s better than their Pizza yeah Papa John’s Cheers Cheers Bro this is brilliant it was so funny if This was any more than six dollars I Would be rage mad right really and so Papa papa What’s this called Pizza Pizza Hut was like the old 80 year old man in The room it was like we need to my son Told me and then they were like okay so They made it and it’s so bad yeah this Is not I would never order this in my Life never but I got you lunch I hope People come out you’re still eating it Bro Yeah just look the seasonings how is That not as good as I thought it was Gonna be that’s like your tongue doing a Line of coke yeah tongue blow tongue Blow I didn’t really resist the urge in a Recent video when you said uh here we go You said something like Oh this has got bumps these bumps are Great usually people don’t like bumps Right I was like bro my friend crew Would love some bumps they’re constantly Asking I was thinking of genital warts But yeah yeah for sure oh I thought you Were thinking of speed bumps no I was Thinking of like warts on your dick Balls oh that’s funny is it he tried you Know glad we tried it this was Definitely one I said to Corey a couple Weeks ago there was like one week where

There was an onslaught of new stuff yeah And we was we had a trouble choosing we Did the Arby’s thing and stuff like that So I was excited to finally knock people Choosing is that the one where the Automobile because we don’t choose Yeah we put a Pola that was tough Writing that out I’m glad we finally did This but underwhelmed I’m glad we did it too I like anytime we Do the only reason I like doing these Episodes is because I hope that we’re Saving them yeah it’s honestly we’re a Resource yeah all right we got the Whiteboards out as you know we rate out Of five but first we’ll break it down We’ll give a statistical analysis in our Heads and out loud we’ll rate it and Then we’ll ask you guys to uh comment But go take it away Cory Wagner Um I I like the idea I like the look but It just did not have enough internals The price was would have been okay had It been filling and delicious I agree Even the flavor wasn’t that great even With the seasoning yeah nothing really Came through for me the flavoring did Other looks the flavoring didn’t really Come through the internals didn’t come Through the build was only okay I just Really liked the looks was the only Thing that was good about it yeah Couldn’t agree more seven bucks at first I was like you know what good price for

This and then after the internals were Off still with all those seasonings and Having pepperoni in there there was a Lack of flavor yeah something was just Missing even with the like the dunk in The sauce like the sauce is the best Part like you said that’s not a good Sign not a good sign at all so let’s go Ahead and rain all right I am going to Go with whatever you’re going with damn It never mind can’t see Um wow I was actually pretty Disappointed same I’m like trying to think of things that Made it worth it but I I know not much Man cup of sauce can’t be the reason you Can probably get that for 60 cents Yeah oh I saw a piece of it you got a Long neck you’re really you know what I Never really learned about you you’re Real neck all right you ready I’m ready On the count of three out of five whip Around your score One two three One point five one point Michael one Point two for Sean Gary not Sean Gary Also Sean Gary Sean Gary watch out for Corn Michael and Sean Gary yeah I was Thoroughly disappointed I do not get That under any certainty I wouldn’t do It I wouldn’t do it Wow that bus up those leaves yeah Fall baby It’s a big mess I just there wasn’t much

I almost went under one yeah but I Thought that’d be a little bit much That’d be like if I took a bite of like Like food that was undercooked it was Cooked before we get out of here don’t Forget to like the video also take a Picture that you’re subscribed and like The video to get that hot sauce giveaway Action going in your life on Instagram Um but today the comment what is another Copycat item that sucked for example Um Popeye’s just dominated with that Chicken sandwich everybody tried to play Ketchup maybe one of those is your Answer what is another copycat item that Suck we’ll talk with you guys in the Comments here today thank you for being Here sweatshirts are on sale have a Great rest of the day Goodbye peace [Music] [Applause] I’ll just eat my quesadilla have I Talked to y’all about my peaceability Invention yes well um