Newport shoplifter jailed after stealing from Marks & Spencer

Andrew Evans made off with from the Newport shop because he hadn’t received his benefits and was hungry, his lawyer said.

The 38-year-old defendant committed a further offence by entering the shop because he is banned from the city centre.

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Evans was made the subject of a two-year criminal behaviour order in 2021 which prevents him from being in Commercial Street, Clytha Park Road, Kingsway Shopping Centre, Friars Walk and John Frost Square.

He is also barred from entering any branch of Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Boots in Newport until November 2023.

Rob Simpkins, prosecuting, told Newport Magistrates’ Court: “This is his seventh breach of the order.

“He is prevented from entering certain parts of Newport after a criminal behaviour order was imposed in 2021.

“The defendant breached the order after he entered John Frost Square and the Marks & Spencer store and then stole 10 packets of sliced meat and a block of cheese.

“He left the store without making any attempt to pay.

“It wasn’t sophisticated, he was stopped by members of staff and the police were called.

“The defendant claimed he was allowed to enter John Frost Square.

“There is no request for compensation as the property was recovered.”

Evans, of Halstead Street, Newport, pleaded guilty to theft and breach of a criminal behaviour order.

The defendant has 33 previous convictions for 68 offences committed between 1997 and 2022.

He was jailed for 14 months last year for theft and breach of a criminal behaviour order.

These offences were committed after he had been released from prison on licence.

Ian George, representing Evans, said in mitigation: “It wasn’t sophisticated offending as the prosecution say.

“As soon as he entered the store, he was spotted on CCTV cameras and followed around by the store manager.



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