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Scrambling to figure out what to bring to your family’s Thanksgiving gathering? Martha Stewart has the answer. Stewart’s cherry-cheese strudel pie is a far cry from traditional (and sometimes boring!) pumpkin or apple pie and your family may be too impressed to cut into it — it’s just that pretty!

“It’s difficult to determine which element of this cherry-cheese strudel pie is more visually appealing: the laurel-inspired twisted crust or the marbleized cream-and-fruit filling,” the caption on Martha Stewart’s official reads. “Aesthetics aside, the flavor is next level—creamy ricotta melds with tart cherries in this crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving .”

The strudel pie is kind of a cross between a cheesecake and a fruit tart and looks deceivingly difficult to make.

The crust is a sheet of store-bought puff pastry, cut and folded in a way to create that intricate detail at the top and bottom. And the cheesecake filling is made from a simple mixture of cream cheese and ricotta and accented with a sour cherry sauce that comes together using frozen (and pitted) sour cherries with just a bit of flour over heat. You can marble the sour cherry syrup into the cheesecake filling using a knife or toothpick to create that abstract art effect.

Grab the full over on Martha Stewart’s website and check out the super helpful video included with the that shows you recreate this impressive crust and takes you step by step through the baking process.

Move over, pumpkin pie. You now have some serious competition this Thanksgiving.

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